Across the nation, we are going to celebrate the spirit of freedom on August 15, 2017, as our 71st Independence Day.

On behalf of this special occasion, Team Everest NGO is conducting an Essay and Drawing competition to 10,000 students across the country with the theme "If I am the Prime Minister of India?". The competition will cover students from both rural and urban India. 

This is an opportunity for all of us to hear from students on how they want this country to be. 

To encourage maximum participation, we will be giving certificates to all participants and medals to winners. 

It would cost just Rs.50 per student to cover the cost of competition, certificates, and medal

Make a donation now.

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Many Children participated for the first time in such competition.

- S.Sumathi, HM, Municipal Middle school, Ananthapuram , Arni.

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I am very shy and I don’t like to participate in competitions. This is the first time, I participated.

Saravanan , 8 th std.


Kids were happy to see volunteers like us. They shared their interest, achievements and the dreams they have for country.

Iyappan, Volunteer