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October 26, 2017|Read Time:6 mins

The year is 2015. Diwali is just 2 weeks away. I was speaking with a mother of a student who we are sponsoring through Team Everest ‘Smile 100’ Scholarship program. During the conversation, I casually asked her, “Have you got a dress for Diwali?”.

She told that it is more than 10 years since she has celebrated Diwali and could never afford to buy dress & sweets for her children as well.

I felt sadness in her face and frustration in her voice. She promised her Children to buy a new dress for Diwali (She lost her husband many years ago). Being the only breadwinner of the family, she couldn’t keep up that promise.

I felt very bad that that person like her was not able to celebrate festivals like Diwali because of poverty. Festivals are meant to bring more happiness to life. Here, it is making her sad instead. I immediately spoke with my Team Everest members and came up with an idea – ‘Diwali for All’.

‘Diwali for All’ is an initiative of Team Everest NGO started in 2015 with the aim of helping everyone to celebrate Diwali. We decided to provide ‘New Dresses’ to people who couldn’t afford to buy it during Diwali.

We started with providing dress to 100 parentless and Single parented kids.

This year, Diwali is very special for Team Everest. We gave dresses to 702 kids and adults with support from volunteers. The beneficiary includes parentless kids, single-parented kids, financially poor kids, kids with cancer, homeless people, widows, visually challenged and Mentally Challenged people.

We decided to choose the beneficiary from villages where there are very few NGOs, Corporates or Sponsors to help them. Hence we chose villages in Tiruvannamalai Dt. For those who can directly visit the shop, we provided a token which they can use to shop their dresses from the shop we partnered with. It gave them a good shopping experience and also a choice to pick their own dresses.

For others, we bought dresses and distributed it to them. Here are some memorable moments during this year ‘Diwali for All’:


Kids Shopping their own dress






Parentless & Single Parented Kids in Arni, Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu



Our students visited an old age home to distribute Diwali dresses for grandma’s and grandpa’s there!







We met homeless people in different places and gave them dresses for Diwali!






Dresses for our Mentally Challenged friends




We visited a home where Children affected with cancer stays. We distributed dresses to them and made their Diwali special!



We visited a rural village called ‘Pathiyavaram’ in Tiruvannamalai Dt and distributed dresses to Visually Challenged friends there.


We also gave dresses to 300+ kids in 9 different villages in Tamilnadu.




Thank you volunteers for making this Diwali a memorable one. Let’s keep making a difference.

To volunteer for other activities of Team Everest, whatsapp us at +91 89399 12365.

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