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November 29, 2017|Read Time:6 mins

Happy to share that Team Everest has completed it’s 11 years of service. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this journey possible, impacting thousands of lives.

Here is a small re-cap of the activities that Team Everest is currently doing in its 11th year of existence.

1.’Smile 100′ Scholarship Program

We became a parent for 100 kids.  Educating 100 parentless and Single parented through our Smile 100 Scholarship program. Check the video to know more about it :

2. Rural Study Center

Rural Students look out for guidance and we provide it every day.

Running free daily evening study centers in 10 villages helping 300+ students.


3.’I am the Change’ Scholarship program:

Graduates in the making.

Sponsoring 50 parentless and single parented students for their UG degree through Team Everest NGO ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship Program.

4.Computer For All – Free computer classes for kids

Some students don’t have access to computers. We make them learn computers.

Free computers classes for government school students at Chennai during weekends.


5. Independence Day Campaign

Some students are afraid of competitions, but we encourage everyone to participate.

20,000 students participated in Drawing and Essay contest this year.


6.Mom and Dad Community Center

A simple home has become ‘Mom Dad Community Center’ and educating 500 + Students in the community every year!

Check the video to know

7.’Back to School’ Campaign

Our ‘Back to School’ Campaign help 100 parentless & single parented kids to go to school every year.

We provide them new uniforms, shoes and other stationaries required for them to go Back to School.

8.Hunger Free Arni

Every Sunday, our kids distribute food packets to 50 homeless people.

It’s our way of teaching kids to volunteer.

9.First Penguin Club

Skill gets you Job. Not degree.

Through our Team Everest NGO First Penguin Club initiative, volunteers from corporate help college students to gain required skills.

Keep supporting. We have miles to go and many Children are waiting for our service.

Thank you once again!

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