Everest Volunteers Spend Time at Old Age Home on 18th December – Team Everest


December 23, 2011|Read Time:6 mins

Team Everest Volunteers organized medical camps, games, and entertainment for grandmas in the Rajnikanth Old Age Home.  The grandmas put used paper cups in order. Then they threw balls that were caught by volunteers. They also played passing the ball. Ambika Patti and Thangam Patti sang a song. Dr. Kalyani had conducted the medical checkups for the grandmas. The volunteers put skits also.

Special thanks to:

Ø  Dr. Kalyani for her dedicated service towards the society

Ø  Photographers: Srini and Chandra.

Ø  Srini: For arranging cab to the doctor.

Please find the photos of the visit in the below link:


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