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January 24, 2015|Read Time:6 mins

Dear Volunteers,

Happy New Year.  2014 has been a great year for Team Everest. There was active participation from many of our volunteers and we clocked 13,000+ volunteering hours in 2014. Impact at various levels has been created through our volunteering work. I would like to thank all the volunteers who are the reason behind the service we are doing as a team.

I would like to cover the key initiatives which we did in 2014 to look back and cherish the moments we had:

Student Scholarship: 

One of the key initiatives of Team Everest for the past 8 years is Student Scholarship, especially college students. We select students who are financially poor, but academically scored very good marks. We give more preference to students who are parent less and single parented student. In 2014, we sponsored for 18 college students. Thanks to all the donors without whom, this is not possible.

Walk to Cycle

Team Everest donated 64 bicycles to students from villages of Tiruvannamalai Dt. We selected students based on 3 criteria. The student should have scored 60% consistently, should walk a minimum of 3kms every day to school and who are from financially poor background. The total cost of 64 bicycles came to Rs 2,50,805.

First Penguin Club:

Penguins use to go for hunting fish. They need to jump from Icebergs into the water where there are predators. So many penguins do not dare to jump first. So, there will be one First Penguin who dares to jump first. We encourage the children to be first penguin.

Through this initiative, we help students take risks and not worry about failures. Also as part of this club, we conduct soft skill training, digital literacy and basic Spoken English classes to our Everest Scholarship students. The First Penguin Club events are happening for the past 1 year on alternative Sundays.

Computers for ALL:

It is an initiative of our young volunteers who are from School. Vanshika, who is a plus-2 student decided to use her father’s office which is on holiday during weekends for a social cause. The office had 6 desktops which is unused during weekends. We identified a corporation school nearby and enrolled students for the computer class. Currently a batch of 12 students is learning computers regularly. Vanshika and her school friends were the regular volunteers at the center.

What a way to start volunteering at a young age?? Hats off Vanshika and team. You guys were real role model for rest of the youngsters.


A group of volunteers from Hyderabad spotted a slum while going to their office which is an IT company. A lot of children from this slum were begging near the IT park. The team decided to change the fate of these children and started to visit the slum every day.

Because of our regular visit to the slum, 10 children who were begging earlier were put into school now. Hats off to volunteers!

Child Fest:

Child Fest is an inter study center competition among the children of Everest study centers in 9 villages of Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu. Singing, Dance, Chess, Story Telling, Drawing, Carrom, Chess, Quiz and Sudoku competitions were conducted during Child fest -2014. 300 students from 9 villages participated in this edition!

Ebay Opportunity Hack:

Team Everest won the Ebay Opportunity Hack conducted on Oct-12, 2014. A group of techie volunteers coded to build an E-receipt and donation management tool which can be used not only by Team Everest but also by all NGO’s. This tool will help NGO’s save admin cost, save time in writing receipts and most importantly, it will help save paper since they will move from hard copy receipts to soft copies. Ebay will help in bringing this tool to market once the complete tool becomes ready. A group of volunteers coded for 36 hours at a go with no sleep at all. They showed what true passion is all about!

Contest for a Cause (C4C):

C4C (Contest for a Cause) is a National Art-Technology Fest, the first of its kind, conducted by Team Everest during Daan Utsav. It is a 50 day contest that aims to provide a platform to people across the country to exhibit their artistic skills through an array of competitions to promote volunteerism. 100% of the prize money won by the volunteers goes to a social cause.

The C4C 2014 edition received great participation from volunteers across the country. We got some amazing short films, drawings and photographs as part of this initiative to promote volunteering. We will be setting up 69 libraries across India using the prize money donated through this initiative.

C4C-2014 Drawing contest 1st prize winning entry from School Category.
“Education for all”

Contest for a Cause – Mesmerize 2014:

Team Everest organized Contest for a Cause (C4C) – Mesmerize dance contest along with the Chennai Global Shapers hub on Nov 9, 2014 in Chennai. 11 schools participated in the contest to win the championship. 100% of the prize money won by the students has been donated to a social cause.

In total, Rs. 2.5 lakhs has been raised through this initiative. Students donated their prize money of Rs 1,00,000 for this social cause! The idea behind C4C Mesmerize is to share the idea of ‘GIVING’ and ‘VOLUNTEERING’ at young age!

Mom Dad Community Center:

We converted our home in native in to a community center since both my mom and dad passed away. The home now has a computer center, yoga center and study center which will benefit 500+ students every year in the community.

We named it as ‘Mom Dad Community Center’ as the intention behind this home is to make every individual think about their parents and their contribution in their lives. Every child, every person who steps inside this home should understand the key role their parents played in their lives and give them due respect. Apart from playing a role of an educational hub, this home should stand as an inspiration to many and help them love their parents much more.

Help Desk Number:

We rolled out a Help Desk Number for Team Everest in 2014. You can reach out to Team Everest anytime at +91 89399 12365.

If you want to get our updates through Whatsapp, just whatsapp as ‘Update Me’ to the same number. You will be added to our broadcast list and you will receive 3 to 4 messages per week. Since it is a broadcast list, your number is not exposed to other volunteers and it stays private securing your privacy.

Press Coverage:

Media has been very kind to Team Everest in 2014. We had 10+ instances of coverage about Team Everest in newspapers like Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, The Indian express in 2014.

The South Indian Channel – Makkal TV did a 30 mins program about Team Everest mesmerize event as well. All this shows that our good work is now recognized by media which helps us reach out to more new volunteers.

Thanks to all the press and media who were spreading the positive and good news in our country!

In Chennai Deccan Chronicle 28-Oct-2014

What we have mentioned above is just the key activities we did in 2014. Apart from the above mentioned key initiatives, we have hundreds of other events which includes old age home visit, blood donation, visiting schools to conduct classes, conduct competition etc. Thanks to all the volunteers who made 2014 memorable.

I’m sure that with your support in 2015, we can touch many more lives.

The best way of spending your life time is to live for others. Keep Volunteering!

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With loads of love and gratitude,
Karthee Vidya
First Volunteer & Founder of Team Everest 

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