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October 4, 2017|Read Time:6 mins

September is a time for our Children to celebrate. We conducted ‘Child Fest,’ an inter-village competition for our rural kids.

800 Children from 15 Schools participated in Child Fest event, to showcase their talents.

It’s a colorful day where around 100 Volunteers from Chennai conducted 20 competitions for students of different

age group. Every child was recognized during the event and winning schools got championship award.

Here is the snapshot of various activities during Child Fest Event :

Superb Dance performance by kids on stage

Superb Dance performance by kids on stage


Kids participating in Quiz Competition

Kids participating in Quiz Competition


Kid solving puzzle - Sodoku

Kid solving puzzle – Sodoku


Championship Celebration by winning school on stage

Championship Celebration by winning school on stage


Kids having lunch together

Kids having lunch together


Happy Ending - Ice cream fest for all kids

Happy Ending – Ice cream fest for all kids

We did much more in September-2017. Here is the gist of the important activities that we did in September-2017.

1.Computer For All – Volunteer training to teach computer free of costs to kids

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for all’ initiative. Around 30 volunteers joined our orientation program and got trained to teach the kids. These volunteers will be teaching computers to around 150 school students in 5 different centers in Chennai from next week onwards. 


2.Educating A Village – Helping kids to read and speak better English

We Team Everest NGO trained our rural students across 6 villages in English reading and speaking skills and helped them to read and speak better. Thanks to AidIndia for their support and guidance for this initiative. 


3.Quarterly Camp for our Rural Kids

Knowledge is Power. So to gain knowledge, we connected our students during Quarterly holidays and engaged them in various activities such as Focussed Learning Classes, Role Play, learning to make silk thread Bangles, and Newspaper Frames. Kids had a fun get together.

Students making Paper Frames

Students making Paper Frames


Students making Thread Bangles

Students making Silk Thread Bangles

4. World Literacy Day – Encouraging our kids to read

400 Kids from 10 villages read ‘Kottavi Raja & his Sleepy Kingdom’ book during the International Literacy Day. They also enacted it as a skit. Thank you, Pratham Books for encouraging our kids to read! 


5.Recognizing Students – Certificates issued to students for computer course completion

As part of Team Everest NGO ‘Computer for All’ initiative, we completed 3 months of free computer classes for around 200 students in 7 different places across Chennai. We conducted an assessment for all the students and issued the certificates as well. Thanks to 50+ volunteers who made this happen!


 Thanks to all the volunteers for supporting our initiatives.

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Happy Volunteering!


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