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November 2, 2017|Read Time:6 mins

Dear Volunteer,

Team Everest has selected 30 students from Govt Schools in Chennai in 2017 and awarded ‘I am the Change Scholarship’ to do their UG Degree.

‘I am the Change Scholarship’ is awarded to Plus-2 completed students from Govt Schools in Chennai, who are parentless, Single parented academically strong and financially weak to do their UG degree.

Every student gets up to Rs 30,000 per year as scholarship and 100 hours of employability training program every year.

We select students after complete due diligence. The steps involved:

  • Receiving application from students
  • Written test
  • Student Interview
  • Parent Interview
  • Home Visit
  • Final Round of Interview
  • Student Selection

Here is our current batch of students:


Thanks to Matram foundation who helped us with Scholarship for 10 of our students.

Apart from sponsoring for their UG degree, we also conduct free employability training program on weekends for all our sponsored students through our ‘First Penguin Club’ initiative. The students should undergo 100 hours of training every year. Check out the below 1 min video to know how we help our students beyond scholarship.

We already selected 25 students for ‘I am the Change Scholarship’ in 2016 out of which 20 students continue to be part of the scholarship now.

In total, we are sponsoring 50 students who are part of this scholarship now.

Thanks to all the donors who help in educating these students. Let’s keep making a difference!

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