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December 16, 2016|Read Time:6 mins

Team Everest have launched ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship program during the Everest 9th anniversary on October, 2015.

‘I am the Change Scholarship’ is for parentless and Single parented students in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India who are academically strong and financially weak.

We selected 25 students as our 1st batch of scholars in 2016. All these students are either single parented, parentless or affected by the Chennai floods in 2015. The selection process involved the following steps:

  1. Receiving application from students
  2. Written test
  3. Student Interview
  4. Parent Interview
  5. Home Visit
  6. Final Round of Interview
  7. Student Selection

Student and Parent Interview


Written test for students


Student and Parent Orientation about ‘I am the Change Scholarship’

The selected students are invited for a ‘Award Ceremony’ where scholarship is distributed to all students.

It Costs Rs 35,000 per student per year. The student can claim this scholarship for any of their expenses which includes College fees, Exam Fees, Lab Fees, Book Fees, Hostel Fees, Mess Fees, Transport Cost and any other educational expenses.


Apart from sponsoring their college fees, we also conduct free weekend training program to improve their soft skills and their English Language. Every year, each student undergoes 100 hours of training.

FPC Classes.JPG

Students are not just beneficiaries. We at Team Everest believe that they are ‘Change agents’ too. Hence, every student who receive the scholarship will also commit to certain number of volunteering hours each month to make a difference in the community they live in.

Check out the below video to know the story of one of our scholar:

Thanks to all the donors who made this initiative possible.

We are planning to support 75 more students in 2017 through this ‘I am the Change’ Schoalrship. If you are interested to make a one time or monthly donation, click here.

Let’s keep making a difference. It’s our duty to help such deserving students to complete their graduation.

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