Library day @ Maraimalai adigal school – Team Everest


September 6, 2010|Read Time:6 mins

Dear friends,

We celebrated ‘Library day’ in Maraimalai adigal govt higher school, Pallavaram supported by Team Everest. Mr.Badri Sheshadri , Managing Director of New Horizon Media Private Limited and Mr.P.Raghavan, author of many books joined the Library day. We had 2 hour interaction session with the students who uses the library often.

Staffs from new horizon media visited the library donated by Cognizant Outreach.

150 students attended this session.

We gave prizes to the top-10 students who utilized the library often. We also conducted an essay competition about the usage of Library. 10 students were selected and given prizes.

Books kept in the school for student’s display.

Mr.Badri gave an inspiring speech to the students

Mr. Raghavan shared his writing experience

 Mr. Raghavan interacting with a student

Finally, Karthee ended the interactive session with a short speech

Overall, it was a great session and the inspiring speeches from Mr.Badri and Raghavan have really impressed the students. We got good feedback from the students and teachers. We would like to have similar sessions in more schools to increase the reading habit among students.

Thanks to Viswa for coordinated with the school to make this event a successful one.

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