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November 30, 2017|Read Time:6 mins

Happy to share that Team Everest has completed it’s 11 years of service. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this journey possible, impacting thousands of lives.

Here is the gist of the important activities that we did in November-2017.

1. Computer For all – Orientation Program

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for all’ initiative. 37 volunteers joined our orientation program and got trained to teach the kids.

These volunteers will be teaching computers to around 300 school students in  10 different centers in Chennai.


2. Science Fest – Building Imagination among kids

Science Toys out of Trash – Our students make Science toys from trash material every weekend and learn a science concept using it.

Thanks to volunteers from TVS for training our students on this!





3.Made a Difference in 400 kids lives – Deloitte Impact Day Celebration

A session on Social Media, Health Awareness, Painting, Skit, Games – All in one day.

35 Volunteers from Deloitte visited Panchayat union middle school, Thirusulam to conduct these activities for 400 students as part of their Deloitte Impact Day!





deloitte-2 deloitte-1

4.Birla Planetarium Visit

‘Science is simply common sense at its best’ said Thomas Huxley.

What better than taking children to Planetarium to create curiosity in Science. We took 20 of our sponsored kids to Birla Planetarium in Chennai last week and made their day more memorable.



5.Computer For All – Started teaching computers to around 300 kids in Chennai

Team Everest NGO provides free computer education through its ‘Computer for All’ initiative.

We started teaching computers to around 300 kids at 10 different centers at Chennai with the help of 60 volunteers.


 Thanks to all the volunteers for supporting our initiatives.

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Happy Volunteering!

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