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August 31, 2010|Read Time:6 mins

Talhunt-2010,one of the memorable event for Team Everest. Talhunt is an inter school competition organized by Cognizant Outreach. This year, 27 schools competed to win the Talhunt championship. Maraimalai adigal Govt hr sec school, Pallavaram supported by Team Everest is also one of the school that participated in Talhunt. Talhunt consists of two rounds. Preliminary, where competitions are conducted within the school and Finals, Which is an inter school competition between best of students selected from prelims. This year, our key volunteers Viswanaathan and Malathi took the ownership to conduct Talhunt in Everest Pallavaram school.

Both of them did a great job and successfully completed the Talhunt prelims in the schools. More than 50% of the school participated in many of the competitions during the preliminary round. The best student and best team for each competitions are selected for the finals.

Our Everest volunteers visited the school every day to train the students on various competitions. More than 40 volunteers are involved in training the students for close to 15 days.

On Aug-7th, the students are all set for the Talhunt finals which was scheduled in Sathyabama university. The students participated in various competition with real passion and showed the fire of winning in each competition they took part.. The Team Everest supported Pallavaram school have won 3rd prize in the high school championship category in 2009. The students wanted to prove their talent once again this year. They were more disciplined this year and we can see the fire in their eyes to win the competitions. For them, Talhunt is no more just fun. Talhunt is an opportunity for them to showcase their talent to the outside world. Students in the school have taken Talhunt more serious compared to last year and practiced hard to win championship hard this year.

The Talhunt event started with a grand opening ceremony with the chairman of Sathyabama university, Mr.Jeppiaar giving a short and inspirational speech to the students.

The events were conducted in 35 different rooms and the student were busy themselves in preparing for the competition.

Few students lost the competition and few won it. The happy news came just before the lunch where our plus-2 class students (Batch-5) have got first prize in Dance competition. This is a special win for all of us. The reason is, we have won batch-5 dance competition last year too. This year a new set of students participated in dance and they really practiced very hard! I should mention about a student named Salaam. He was studying plus-1 in a nearby school in 2009. When he came to know about Talhunt through some of his friends who participated in dance competition in Talhunt-2009. This year, that is in 2010, he got transfer certificate from his school and joined the Maraimalai adigal Govt hr sec school, Pallavaram. When approached for an admission, the school HM refused to give him a seat in Plus-2. He had a burning desire to show his dance talent to the outside world. Just to participate in Talhunt, he decided to study plus-1 once again instead of studying plus-2. It may seem foolish to many of us and many of us were not dare enough to take such a decision. But, Salaam did it.

His decision didn’t go in vein. He and his team got first prize for the batch-5 group dance. It is not just about the prize. After their performance, the judge gave a comment that he didn’t expect such a performance from the students. He requested the audience to give standing ovation to the students. The entire crowd in the auditorium got up from their seat and gave standing ovation to Salaam and his team. After the competition is over, the judge came out, hugged all the 5 students who participated in dance competition and shared his wishes.

Our volunteers cheering the dance group

The judge giving his feedback about the dance

Salaam is the one who choreographed the entire dance for batch-5. He didn’t undergo any formal training for dance. He learnt it by watching others dancing in TV and have developed his talent.

Dance practice in the school

(The person in the front is Salaam)

We all believe that he has a great future in the Dance field. If anyone of you know any such opening for this little dance champion, kindly let us know!

The kids enjoyed the day very much and for all of them including us it is a great learning experience. I can see one big change in their attitude towards Talhunt. Last year, when some students lost a competition, they used to cry or get depressed. But, this year, no student cried or got depressed. They celebrated their friend’s victory and celebrated every time when someone from their school wins a competition. It is a remarkable change. A person should be matured enough to handle both success and failure, but should have their own learnings. We are happy that the kids are getting matured fast enough to handle success and failure.

At the end of the day, when we announced the results, each school participated in Talhunt got a chance to cheer. The competition is very intense this time.

Everest Pallavaram school also got chances to cheer about their victory.

At the end of the day, Everest Pallavaram school have won 13 prizes altogether. The list of prize winners are mentioned below:

We all took a group photo and departed on Aug-7th evening with smiles on all our faces.

Malathi, our Everest volunteer was little worried that our school may not win any championship. During our telecall, I told her not to worry about Championship. Win or loose, the kids have something to learn and they have learnt that too. The kids are no more the same before and after Aug-7, 2010. We can see a drastic change in their attitude and behavior. For me, that’s more important than the championship.

But, she is not convinced. She desperately wanted the school to win a championship. May be because, she is involved from day-1 to conduct Talhunt in the Everest Pallavaram school. She had put a lot of time and energy to make the school win the championship. It is the same with Viswa too. He too have visited the school numerous time during the Talhunt period and ensured everything goes fine in the school. Their hard work and efforts didn’t go in vein. The school have won 3rd prize in higher secondary school championship category and their joy in boundless!

The school have won the same prize in 2009 also and they are happy to retain the same place this year too. The school will now get a prize worth Rs 20,000 which is won by their own school students! When we called the school HM and staffs to share this news, they felt very happy and told us to train the students very earlier next year so that their school can win first prize championship! Now, this is a very positive change that have happened in the school where students used to come drunkard or use to smoke inside the school premises itself some 5 years back. Team Everest have made a big impact to this school and will continue to bring difference to the students studying in this school.

The volunteers who trained the students visited the school after the Talhunt finals and announced about School championship in the assembly.

Malathi introduced each of our volunteer to the school students and explained their role in Talhunt. We also gave a small memento to all the school staffs and volunteers who made this Talhunt winning possible.

Malathi giving  memento to a staff

Our volunteer Raja giving  memento to a staff

Our volunteer Manoj  receives a memento from the school HM

Students who participated in Talhunt shares their experience in the school assembly

The school students at the assembly

We would like to share the list of volunteers without whose help Talhunt success is not possible.

We would also like to thank our volunteers Gomathy, Sivanesh, Rajalakshmi, Suresh, Divya (Accenture), Dhanam akka, Jawahar Ramasamy, Sulthan Ibrahim, Preethi, Josephine Yogidha, Balajee, Bala Murugan, Parvathy, Oswald, Malar, Ananthan, Saravana kumar, Shamantha, Ulagammal, Logambal, Solaimani, Radha, Venkata Nagaprasad, Sathya, Sathyakala, Kalpana, Syed Ahamed, Kumar, Maanickavasagam, Suresh Shanmugam, Vigneshwaran and Srividhya.

Last but not the least. Thanks to Viswa and Malathi who coordinated for the entire Talhunt program and created wonderful opportunity for the school students. It is not possible for Everest to conduct Talhunt in Pallavaram school without the support we got from Viswa and Malathi.  They have shown great spirit of volunteerism during these days. Thanks to all our Everest volunteers for their moral support.

The lessons from Talhunt is simple. Talent is available in all nook and corners of India. We need many such events like Talhunt to bring those talents out. What do you say?

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