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December 16, 2015|Read Time:6 mins

Dear friends,

Chennai is slowly recovering back to its normal state after the unprecedented rain and flood which happened in first week of Dec-2015. While many lost their lives, thousands of people have lost everything which they earned so far in their life.

Many Team Everest volunteers have volunteered at individual level and by partnering with various NGOs for flood relief programs. We thought we can take it to the next level of support.

While the flood was there for few days, the amount of the damage it created would be there for many years to come.

Imagine a small Petti (Kirana) shop owner who has got Rs 50,000 on debt to run his shop. The flood would have damaged his shop completely. Now, he needs to pay his old debut of Rs 50,000 and need another Rs 50,000 to set up a new shop. If that vendor has a son who is going to join college next year, he needs to get additional debt to take care of his son’s need too.

Many individuals and NGO’s acted responsibly by fulfilling their short term needs like food, dress, mats etc. Now, the time has come to think about their long term needs too and start focussing on those areas.

Hence, through Team Everest, we are announcing 3 different initiatives – 1 short term and 2 long term initiatives to help the people who are affected by floods:

1) Chennai School Flood Relief Program: As part of the initiative, we are planning to provide assistance to the students of 3 schools who are affected by flood. The school names are:

  1. Government Higher Secondary School, Thoraipakkam
  2. Government Higher Secondary School, MGR Nagar
  3. Maraimalai Adigal Govt Higher Secondary Schoool, Pallavaram

We are planning to provide the following items based on the funds raised:

  1. 4000 Long size notebooks
  2. 100 School uniforms
  3. 1000 Stationary Kit
  4. Paper for writing tests (For 10th and 12th Std Students) – 125 Ream (1Ream = 500 sheets)

Total Cost for achieving this is Rs 3 Lakhs. If you are interested to donate, you can donate here –

Minimum donation amount is Rs 100. For any queries, please whatsapp or call to +91 89399 12365.

2) ‘I am the Change’ Scholarship for Flood affected School Students:

I am the change scholarship is an initiative of Team Everest through which we provide scholarship for single parented and parentless students who are financially poor, good at academics and willing to do their graduation.

We announced about this scholarship during Everest 9th anniversary by Oct, 2015. After the Chennai floods, we decided to allocate 25% of this scholarship slots to flood affected students.

This scholarship is applicable for students who are going to write their Plus-2 examination in March-2016 and would be joining college in 2016.

If you know any students who have lost their parents during the recent flood or those who are badly affected by the flood can apply for this scholarship. We are planning to provide scholarship up to Rs 35,000 per student per year.

Students can apply for this scholarship by calling to +91 89396 12365.

If you are interested to sponsor for this initiative, you can sign up here.

A donor can either donate the full student fees of Rs 35,000 per year as one time donation/monthly donation or pay part of the fees with minimum amount being Rs 100 per month.

For more details about this scholarship program, please check

3) ‘I am the Change’ Fellowship program:

The most heartening thing that happened during the flood period is the amount of love and support that was provided by common people who are called as ‘Volunteers’. The support provided by various individuals and groups are beyond words. Hats off!

As someone rightly said, there were more volunteers than victims in many places!

Imagine the amount of impact we can create if some of these volunteers can continue to help the flood affected people for the period of next 2 years. We can help many people to rebuild their life, make them self-sustainable and help them live a better life.

That is the whole idea behind this fellowship program.

We announced ‘I am the Change’ fellowship during Everest 9th anniversary by Oct, 2015.

I am the change Fellowship is a 2 year paid fellowship program for any undergraduate or postgraduate professionals with 0 to 20 years of job experience. During the fellowship period, every fellow will be allocated a unique project in the educational sector which they need to complete within their fellowship period.

The idea behind the fellowship program is to encourage top talents in the country to dedicate 2 years for the country. That way, we can channelize the talents and potential towards the needy and increase the pace of change.

We are planning to take 10 fellows in 2016 and we have decided to make one of the fellow to work on rehabilitation in the flood affected regions. All the fellows will also get a monthly stipend of Rs 15,000.

If you are interested to apply for this fellowship, please mail to

If you are interested to sponsor for this fellowship initiative, please mail to . Donors can make one time donation or a monthly donation with minimum amount being Rs 100.

For more details about this fellowship, please check

For any queries, please whatsapp or call to +91 89399 12365.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the Change you wish to see in this world”.

It is time to be the change. It is time to tell ‘I am the Change’.

Come and be part of our initiative. Let us make a difference.

Happy Volunteering!

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