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January 24, 2012|Read Time:6 mins

Dear friends,

47 Everest volunteers from Chennai travelled to Sevoor, Tiruvannamalai Dt to donate bicycles on 21st Jan 2012. These cyles were given to 50 academically bright students who are from financially poor background. These students are from 13 different schools and walk a minimum of 3kms every day to reach school.
Thanks to all the Everest volunteers because of whom we are able to raise funds and spent Rs 1,56,180 to buy 50 cycles.

Here is a snapshot of what happened during the event:

People who came for the event

Students who came to collect the bicycles. These are students who score a minimum of 50% and walk at least 3 kms every day to reach their school.

Parents of the students who joined the event

Everest study center kids who came to the function to showcase their talents

47 volunteers from Chennai joined this event

Cycles which we bought from TI cycle at concession rate

Everest first volunteer Kartheeban addressing the audience

Everest first volunteer Kartheeban addressing the audience. He introduced Team Everest and shared how the cycle project was initiated

A student shares how she helps others at her young age

Everest Secretary Rajkumar addressing the audience about how Everest study centers are run in 10 villages in Tiruvannamalai Dt

Everest study center student performs Bharathanatiyam

Everest study center students performs a drama showcasing the family issues caused because of consuming alcohol

Everest study center students perform a mono act spreading social awareness.

Everest study center students perform a group dance on stage

Everest volunteer donates cycle to a student on stage

Everest volunteer hands over cycle keys to a student on stage

Parents came to stage to share their experience. One of them cried on stage mentioning that his kid was asking for a cycle from 5th std and he was not is a position to buy him a bicycle. Now he is currently studying 7th std and luckily Team Everest identified him and donated him bicycle.

Parents shared their kid’s suffering of walking 3+ kms every day

One more parent shared his experience

Students shared how getting a cycle will make their life better. Many students told that it will cut short their travel time and they can reach home earlier and start doing their home work earlier.

One more student sharing her feelings

Everest study center students getting memento on stage for their special performances.

Team Everest volunteers who traveled to Sevoor Tiruvannamalai Dt to join this event

We thank all the volunteers who made this event possible. Let us together make a difference!

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