Feed a Bird


Do you know many birds starve and die?

These little winged friends of humans help us in so many ways and add beauty to the world we live in.

Feed a Bird is an initiative to save birds from hunger. You can participate and build a bird feeder on your balcony or terrace or anywhere in your house.

Help the little winged friends. You can signup below!

Who is Eligible?

Anyone from Kindergarden to College

Time Commitment

3 Hours

Start Date

Any Date

End Date

15 days from the date of Signup

What to Do?

How it Works?

​Sign up to Volunteer Now

Sign Up

Fill out the form in this page to be part of this initiative

Volunteer Handbook

Once you signup, you will get our volunteer handbook which has the ideas and instructions to complete the activity.

Happy Building

 You can either follow the handbook, or you can start building your Birdfeeder by figuring out on the internet.


Click pictures of your bird feeder and share it with us using the upload option on this page.

Get Volunteering Certificate

As a token of appreciation for your volunteering efforts, Team Everest will email you an e-certificate. 

Submit your Activity

Is your Activity ready? Then, it's time to upload!


Will I get any help from Team Everest to complete the activity?

Yes. We will email you a volunteering handbook upon signup that will serve as a guide to help you complete the activity. 

What does the handbook have?

The handbook will have bird feeder building methods and ideas with steps and sample pictures. 

What are the steps involved to volunteer for this activity?

You can refer the 'What to do' section to know in detail about the process.

Is there a deadline to complete the activity?

Yes. You have to complete the activity on or before 15 days from the date of your signup.

If I have a query, how can I get help?

You can reach us via Live Chat on this page.

What do I get if I volunteer?

Upon successfully completion of this activity and reporting us back, you will receive a volunteering e-certificate from us in e-mail. 

How long will it take to get the e-certificate?

We will be emailing you the e-certificate within a month's time from the date of submission to show that you have completed the activity. We are working on a process to send the certificate much earlier in future.

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