Teach a Buddy


Teach and also learn something new every day for 13 days!

Connect with a student over phone calls. On every day's call, you and the student we connect with will have to speak on a topic we suggest. This will help you both learn about the subject you discuss.

We will share with you a handbook that will have topics you have to speak about. You have to research and be prepared for the calls. Example topics include Olympics, Great Leaders, Nobel Prize, etc.

If you are ready to learn and teach, volunteer now!


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We have got enough volunteers for this initiative.

Check upcoming volunteering opportunities here.

If you are a working professional, homemaker or retired person, check volunteering opportunities here.

If you are a School or College Student, check volunteering opportunities here.

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Who is Eligible?

Anyone except School Kids

Time Commitment

Start Date

End Date

Call Timing


School Students

Who is Eligible?

School students above 8th Std, College Students.

Time Commitment

30 Mins per call

Start Date

To be decided

End Date

To be decided

Call Timing



College Students

What to Do?

How it Works?

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Sign Up

Fill out the form in this page to be part of this initiative.

Welcome Email

We will send you a welcome mail after your signup. It will also have details about an orientation webinar for this activity.

Orientation Webinar

Attend the orientation without fail. If you are a school student, you should attend this webinar along with your parent to understand this initiative better. Attending Orientation is mandatory and only those who attend the orientation webinar will be considered for this initiative.

Kid tagging & Handbook

After orientation, we will mail your beneficiary contact details with whom you will speak with. You will also get our volunteering handbook which contains the topics, Do's, Don'ts, and instructions for smooth conduct of the activity.

Happy teaching

Prepare before the session and you can make calls on scheduled timing every day to teach your buddy.


After every call, you have to mark the session's attendance without fail via a link, which we will e-mail you.

Get Volunteering Certificate

As a token of appreciation for your volunteering efforts, Team Everest will email you an e-certificate. 


Who is eligible to volunteer?

School students above 8th Standard and college students can volunteer for this initiative.

Will I get any help from Team Everest to complete the activity?

Yes. We will give you a handbook that will serve as a guide to help you complete the activity.

What does the handbook have?

The handbook will have topics to speak about for every day's call.

What are the steps involved to volunteer for this activity?

You can refer the 'What to do' section to know in detail about the process.

Is it mandatory to attend the orientation webinar?

Yes, attending the orientation is mandatory. If you are a school student, you should attend this webinar along with your parent to understand this initiative better. Only those who attend the orientation webinar will be considered for this initiative.

Should I call the beneficiary only during the scheduled time?

Yes, we recommend to stick to the scheduled time. In case of any unavoidable situations, you can inform the beneficiary and change the call timings. 

How to mark the attendance every day?

Post your orientation, we will be emailing you the link to mark the attendance. You can visit it and mark your attendance after every session. 

Can I drop out in the middle of the program?

We request you to complete the program. But, in case of unavoidable reasons, you can quit the program. However, please notify us via Live Chat. 

If I have a query, how can I get help?

You can reach us via Live Chat on this page.

What do I get if I volunteer?

Upon successfully completion of this activity, you will receive a volunteering e-certificate from us in e-mail. 

How long will it take to get the e-certificate?

We will be emailing you the e-certificate within a month's time from the completion of the activity. We are working on a process to send the certificate much earlier in future.