Corona Scholarship

About Corona Scholarship

Many families are spending their savings (if any) during the Corona lock down period, leaving them with no funds to educate their children once this pandemic is over.


We Team Everest started getting many calls already where parents are requesting us to sponsor their child in the upcoming academic year as they fear, their child might drop out from formal education.


Hence, we are launching the 'Corona Scholarship' this year.


We Team Everest are already sponsoring 400 parentless & single parented students for their UG degree currently as part our 'I am the Change Scholarship' program. Corona Scholarship will be part of this scholarship.

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Who are eligible?

Corona impacted families

Students from families who have lost lives or their livelihood are affected. 

Financially Challenged

The students family income should be less than Rs 2 Lakh per annum.  

Available in specific
3 Cities

The students should be from - Chennai, Coimbatore or Madurai

Parentless or Single Parented

Higher preference to Parentless & Single Parented students.  

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What students get?

Financial Support

Up to Rs 30,000 per year till they finish graduation. This can be used to pay their college fees, exam fees, lab fees, hostel fees, etc. 

Year Long Training

100 hours of Classroom Training, Telephonic & Webinar training through out the year.



Students will get opportunities to do an internship in a Corporate or a startup during their summer holidays.

Job Opportunities

We will arrange placement opportunities for students during the final year so that they can get a job and help their family come out of poverty.



1. What is Corona Scholarship?

The nationwide lock down due to the corona virus has made many to lose their jobs and have salary cuts. The pandemic virus has shaken the livelihood of many families. Corona Scholarship will support the education of children from such families. 

2. Who is sponsoring Corona Scholarship?

We Team Everest will be sponsoring the Corona Scholarship, with all your support. This will be part of our already existing 'I am the change' scholarship, where we are sponsoring the college education of 400 parentless and single parented students.

3. Who are the beneficiaries of this Scholarship program?

The children from the families that got affected due to the corona virus lock down, which caused job loss and livelihoods disruption. 

4. How to apply for this scholarship?

Students can visit once plus-2 results are published to apply for this scholarship.

5. Can school students apply for this scholarship?

No, only the students who have passed the 12th grade in 2020 can apply for this scholarship.

6. Can students from any place apply for this scholarship?

No, students from Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai are only eligible to apply for this scholarship.

7. How much does it cost to sponsor one student?

It costs Rs 42,000 per student per year. We pay up to Rs 30,000 for a student and Rs 12,000 is used to provide various training programs to the students throughout the year.

8. How to donate for this Scholarship?

Click here to make a donation.

9. I'm outside India. Can I donate?

Yes, anyone can donate for this Scholarship. Click here to donate.

10. I want to become a monthly donor and donate monthly. Can I do?

Yes, Team Everest has a monthly donation program called 'Hope'. You can be one of our Hope donors and donate monthly for our Scholarship program. Click here to know more about our monthly donation program.

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