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Computer for All

Many students finish their schooling without learning about computers since it is not part of their curriculum. In today’s world, knowledge about computer has become essential than ever in the history of humankind. Digital literacy is almost non-existent among more than 90% of India’s population. Team Everest ‘Computer for All’ is an attempt to bridge this gap by teaching the basics of computers to school students.

Team Everest conducts free computer classes on weekends in various Govt schools and homes in different cities.
We do this session for students from 6th to 8th standard. The idea is to expose the students to computers at an early stage so that they can choose computer as their career path if they wish.

Teach Computer

Your time and computer knowledge can help children who can not afford computer course in the market.

Volunteer to offer your time and share your skills to the children in need and teach them basics of computers.

Become a role model for them and brighten up their future.


Donate Old Computer or Laptop

Thinking of getting rid of your Old Computer?

Donate it to Team Everest. We will make sure that it is put up in a Govt School or an Orphanage and used to teach computer classes for the visionary children who can learn a lot and change their future with the help of the life left on your PC.


It Costs us Rs 500 per student to make them digitally literate. The course consists of 10-weekend sessions which are 3 Hours each. Every student undergoes an assignment and certified based on the skills they have developed.

We understand different priorities and unavailability of time, but we are also very much aware of the willingness of people to help and contribute towards the welfare of the society.

So in case you want to help sitting at home, click the button below and donate to let a child become digitally literate.