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Help a Kid Read

‘Help a Kid Read’ is an initiative to help slow learners from Government schools improve their English reading skills knowing the importance of English in outside world. We believe it will help them match up with the pace of the rest of the class and open the doors of opportunities for them.



Teach English

Volunteer to offer your time and share your skills to the children in need and teach them how to read English. Become a role model for them and brighten their future.

The time offered by you could give them a hope to shine and change their life.

In case you could not visit schools and teach, there are ways to contribute if you are looking forward to making a difference. Here is your chance to be the change.

It costs Rs 500 per student for a 10 weekend ‘Help a Kid Read’ session (3 Hours each).

You can make a donation to conduct reading sessions for students.


ASER Report

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is a household survey that provides estimates of children’s schooling status and their ability to read simple text and do basic arithmetic. The survey reaches almost all rural districts of India and covers children in the age group 3-16.

ASER-2016 report states:
50% of Kids in Class-5 cannot read Class-2 Text
25% children leaving Class-8 cannot even read the Std 2 Text
The percentage of children who can read the text could not explain the meaning of the words read.

So reading English still remains the major source of concern.