Make Bird Feeders & Save Birds

Many birds die out of hunger. Your child can take their first step in saving birds. 

Bring your kid/ a kid you know and help them make a bird feeder. The bird feeders will be food source for birds. Your kid and you can hang or place the bird feeder in your home where the little winged friends can treat themselves.

You have to be a parent, relation, or guardian to the child. It is an in-person child volunteering event. We will teach how to make the bird feeder and provide materials.  

Note: The activity is only for volunteers in Chennai.

Today's one of the essential skills for students is public speaking. 

Our 'Public speaking' program is designed to empower students in better communication.

Teach children the most powerful skill to enhance their lives!

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Time Commitment

You have to commit only 2 hours 30 mins for this in-person volunteering activity.

Program Details

Please go through the eligibly criteria and event dates before signing up.

Volunteering Mode LocationEligibilityStart Date End Date
 In Person VolunteeringChennaiSchool Children (LKG to Class 12) 17 June, 2023, 10 AM IST 17 June, 2023, 12.30 PM IST
Volunteering mode LocationEligibilityStart Date End Date
 In Person VolunteeringChennaiSchool Children (LKG to Class 12) 17 June, 2023, 10 AM IST 17 June, 2023, 12.30 PM IST

How it Works?

Sign Up

Sign up to be a part of the event

Attend Event

Attend the event with the child. Learn from the in person orientation.

Do the Activity

Enjoy the session and help the child make the bird feeder

Make a Difference

Get volunteering certificate

Sign Up

Sign up to be a part of the program

Watch Orientation

Watch the orientation recording and learn how to do the activity

Do the Activity

Do the activity and mark your session attendance

Make a Difference

Get a certificate of volunteering

Beyond impact, we provide an e-certificate  for all volunteers who complete the activity as a token of appreciation

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Who can volunteer in this program?
  1. The program is open to children (LKG to Class 12) in Chennai.
What will happen in the event?
  1. 1. We will do an in person orientation to explain you the activity. 
    2. We will provide materials to make the bird feeder.
    3. Your child should make the bird feeder. 
    4. Place the bird feeder in a perfect spot in your home. 
Should I bring any materials?
  1. Nope. We will provide you the items to make the bird feeder. 
Will we get volunteering certificate?
  1. Upon successful activity completion, we will send an e-certificate to your child. Please note that
    adult accompanying and helping the kid will not get any certificate. 
I am not a parent. Can I volunteer?
  1. You can participate if you know a child to whom you are a relation or guardian. 


Who can volunteer in this program?
  1. The program is open to all working professionals. 
Who are the beneficiaries?
  1. College students are the beneficiaries.
What is the program structure?

You will have to do 13 phone call sessions. Each session is for 45 mins. Every session is broken into activities and games. 

Will I get any help from Team Everest?

Yes, we will conduct an online orientation to explain the activity and we will tag you with a student. We will also share a handbook that will have the teaching curriculum. 

What will happen in the session?

You need to read our handbook and conduct the activities listed in it over the normal phone call. Most of the activities will be a game which you will play with the student.

Orientation Recording

What is Orientation Recording?

 'Orientation Recording' is a recorded video of the online webinar that has been conducted to explain this activity in detail and to clarify all queries of the volunteers.

How can I watch the orientation recording?

Post your signup, you will receive the orientation recording link in email. Click on the link and please enter the requested basic information to watch the recording.

Why I should watch the orientation recording?

You can understand the activity clearly if you watch the orientation.


What is a handbook?

A handbook is the activity material to help and guide you. It will have Program Information, Key Dates, FAQs, Instructions, Samples, and Useful links.

Where can I find the handbook?

Post the orientation, you will get the handbook link in email.

Should I conduct the sessions only by following the Volunteer Handbook?

Yes, please stick to the handbook. Because our dedicated curriculum team has carefully thought through and compiled the book that is appropriate for a student and aimed to achieve the program's intended goals.


Will I get a certificate?

On successful completion of the activity, you will get a volunteering e-certificate.

Help Desk

What to do if I have any issues or queries regarding the activity?

For any queries or issues, email to volunteer at teameverest dot ngo

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