Promoting Volunteering – Team Everest

Promoting Volunteering

We have a dream where every person volunteers at least once a month (12/365). We believe in the power of endless love every person has and want to tap that potential to make a difference in this world. We believe that CHANGE is possible. Imagine a world where everyone gives out at least 1 day every month to help others. That will create a massive impact in this world. That’s why at Team Everest we promote volunteering at 4 levels – School, College, Corporate and Family. Check out our list of initiatives to know how we make our vision a reality.

Our Initiatives

Contest for a Cause(C4C)

A platform to make a difference using your artistic skills. 100% of the prize money won by the volunteers goes to a social cause.

I am the Change – Fellowship

Want to do full time social work with stipend? Join our fellowship program!