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Providing Education

If you are currently reading this line, it’s because of the ‘Education’ that you got in your life. Unfortunately, many in this world are not as privileged as you and us!

Education has a potential to change an individual, a family, and an entire generation. Nothing else in this world has a potential to impact an entire generation.
That’s why we at Team Everest Call ‘Education’ as ‘Powerful Magic’. We wish to gift this Magic to all Children in this world through our various initiatives.

Check out the below initiatives to know how we are making a difference.

Our Initiatives

Contest for a Cause(C4C)

A platform to make a difference using your artistic skills. 100% of the prize money won by the volunteers goes to a social cause.

I am the Change – Fellowship

Want to do full time social work with stipend? Join our fellowship program!

Student Scholarships

I am the Change Scholarship

Making parentless, single parented students into graduates.

Smile 100

Supporting the education of 100 parentless and single parented children.

Rural Initiatives

Mom Dad Community Center

A home turned into a community center changing the lives of people in the community.

Rural Study Centers

A peaceful place for kids in villages to study and clarify their doubts

Missing Curriculum

School Adoption Program (SAP)

Adopting Schools, improving the quality of education.

First Penguin Club

Making Student Employable along with studies

Help a Kid Read

Help Kids to read English better and fluently.

Computer for All

Introduce kids to the digital world by teaching them the basics of computers.