Rural Study Centers – Team Everest

Rural Study Centers

In 2009, we surveyed 25 villages in Tiruvannamalai Dt, Tamilnadu to understand the quality of education and challenges faced by students.

Finally, we selected 10 villages where children are irregular to school, not completing homework and where there are no tuition centers to set up free evening study centers.

Now, more than 300+ students are getting benefited from these 10 free study centers every year.


Daily Evening Tuition

We have appointed teachers in every village who conducts the evening tuition every day. We have got permission from school authorities to use their premises after school hours to do free tuition for the students.

On weekends, whenever possible, we bring volunteers from nearby cities to teach the students.

Child Fest

Every year, students are given an opportunity to showcase and develop their talents through our annual ‘Child Fest’ Program. All village students are brought to a common place and participates in various competitions. The student who wins gets prizes, and their village gets a championship award.

Child Fest is not about winning. It is about participating. When a Child wins, they carry the hope that they can be successful in life.

When a child loses, they carry dreams that they should win next year. The child practices more, improve themselves and come back stronger next year.


Extra Curricular Activities

Every Saturday, we have ‘Games Day’ in all our rural study centers where children are given various play materials to play together.

During quarterly, half yearly and summer holidays, we conduct various camps for students, make them do different activities to learn new skills which is not part of their academics, but necessary for their life.

Sponsor a Student

It Costs us Rs 2500 per year to educate 1 student. The cost involves, tuition fees, camp fees and stationary cost.

You can either make a full donation or partial donation. Monthly or Yearly donation is accepted as well.

Minimum contribution is Rs 2500 per year or Rs 200 per month.

Help students in rural areas to learn better!