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School Adoption Program (SAP)

School Adoption Program (SAP) is an initiative to improve the overall quality of education in the adopted school. Through this initiative, we provide the necessary academic support, fulfil infrastructure needs and help students learn the missing curriculum through various extracurricular activities!

It is a year-long program where we collaborate closely with schools and help students to become better.

Volunteer for a School

Are you interested in teaching?

Do you love spending time with Children?

Do you like sharing your knowledge with others?

Then, this program is for you. We conduct various activities like computer classes, English classes, logical thinking sessions, Origami sessions, competitions like speech, drawing, etc. as part of ‘School Adoption Program’.

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Refer a School

Do you know a school in your locality where many financially less previliged children study?

Do you think, you can commit your time to lead from the front to make a difference to the school students?

You can refer a school then. Team Everest will help you with mentoring and volunteering support for the school.

Support a School

It Costs us a minimum of Rs 25,000 per year to support a school through ‘School Adoption Program’ (SAP). The cost includes, various infrastructure cost that we provide to the school and program cost.

You can either make a full donation or partial donation. Monthly or Yearly donation is accepted as well.

A Minimum contribution is Rs 2500 per year or Rs 200 per month.

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