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Smile 100


Smile 100 is a Scholarship Program for 100 Parentless & Single Parented kids who are from a place called ‘Arni’ in Tiruvannamalai Dt (150 Kms or 3 Hours drive from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India).
We sponsor the school fees for this children, provide free evening tuition for them and conduct various extracurricular activities likes Winter, Summer camps, games day on weekends, art day and much more. The Motive behind Smile 100 is to provide quality education to students who could not afford it. Our goal is to sponsor them till they finish formal education and help them become entrepreneurs or find a job for themselves.

Journey of Smile 100

Would you believe that it took us 98 days to identify these 100 students? Watch our 7 mins video to know the journey of Smile 100. You will get to know how we selected students for Smile100, various verification process we did and testimonial from parents.


It Costs us Rs 40,000 per year to educate 1 student. The cost involves, School fees, Book Fees, Tuition Cost, Uniform Cost, Stationary Cost and extracurricular activities cost throughout the year. You can either make a full donation or partial donation. Monthly or Yearly donation is accepted as well. A Minimum contribution is Rs 2500 per year or Rs 200 per month.
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Annual Report

Check our Smile 100 annual report to know what are the various initiatives that we do for our Smile 100 students through out the year. It will help you understand that ‘Smile 100’ is just more than a Scholarship program!