Art for a Cause


Art can attract eyes!

Do you love to draw, paint, or sketch?

Direct that love towards Social Causes by making social message driven Arts to create awareness.

We will give you 10 Social Causes. You can choose 5 and make Arts based on them.

Share your Arts on your Social Media and create awareness about the Social Causes you choose.

We will share more details in the Orientation Webinar of this activity. We will also share a handbook with you that will have the 10 Art topics and instructions and samples.

Volunteer and make art to make this world a better place!

Who is Eligible?

Anyone from age 3

Orientation Date

September 09, 2021

Orientation Timing

7 PM - 8 PM IST

Start Date


End Date



60 mins

What to Do?

How it Works?

​Sign up to Volunteer Now


Please fill and submit the Signup Form in this page to participate in this activity.

Orientation Details

Once you signup, we will send you a welcome email along with orientation webinar details for this activity. It is mandatory to attend the orientation webinar to be part of this activity.


After the orientation, we will email you the activity's handbook link. The handbook will have Program Information, Art Topics, Instructions, a few Samples and FAQs.

Happy Art Making

Once you receive the handbook, you can start the activity. Once you complete your activity, you can take required pictures as a proof to the report you will submit. You can find out the required pictures in the handbook.


Once you complete the activity, fill out the self explanatory 'Upload Form' to report your activity to us. You can find the 'Upload Form' link in the handbook.

Volunteering Certificate

On successful completion of the activity, you will get a volunteering e-certificate. 

Submit your art

Is your 'art' ready? It's time to upload!

Generic Program question

What is 'Art for a Cause'?

 It is a virtual volunteering opportunity for volunteers. They can choose any 5 social causes from our list in the handbook and make art about the causes and share it in their Social Media to create awareness. 

What is the timeline of the 'Art for a Cause' program?

Please check the timelines here.

How many drawings should I create?

You need to create 5 hand drawn drawings. Make 1 drawing each for the 5 topics you choose. 

Can I pick 1 topic and draw 5 art for it?

No. You should pick at least 5 different topics and draw 1 art each.

Can we do art for more than 5 topics?

Yes, you can try and complete Arts for all 10 topics as well 

Should I choose only topics from the list given?

Yes, you have to create drawings only for any of the 5 topics given by us in the handbook.   

Can I digitally add my name to the drawings?

No, your name should be written in your art pieces at the right bottom corner. No digital addition of name will be accepted.

Can I do a digital poster?

No, this activity requires hand drawings.

Can I choose my own Social Causes apart from the list given?

No. Please choose only from the topics given in the handbook.

Is it mandatory to share in social media?

Yes, it is mandatory, because the idea behind the initiative is to create awareness. Tag 'Team Everest NGO' and mention the hashtag as #EverestArt

Can I finish 1 or 2 art and upload the picture for getting a feedback?

No, we will not be giving any immediate feedback. Upload only when you complete all your Arts.

Will we have to step out of the house to do this program?

No, it can be done from home.

Should I write my name in the final Arts?

Yes, you have to write your name only in English and at the right bottom of your sheet. Do not put signature. 

When can I consider I completed the activity?

You have to fill and submit the Upload form, only then you can consider the activity completed. You will find more details about reporting in the handbook.

Post Upload form submission, we will send you a survey form, conduct a reflection meeting and post which we will be sharing you an e-certificate if your arts are approved.


What is a handbook?

A handbook is the activity material to help and guide you. It will have Program Information, Key Dates, What to do, FAQs, Art Topics, and Samples. 

Where can I find the handbook?

Post the orientation, you will get the handbook link in email. 


Is it mandatory to attend the orientation for this activity?

Yes, it is mandatory to attend the orientation to be part of this activity.

How can I join the orientation?

Post your signup, you will get the orientation webinar details in email. 

When is the Orientation?

Please check the date and time here. 


What style of Arts I can create?

It is up to you. Your Arts can either be pencil sketches, paintings, or even using crayons. However ensure to do only hand-drawn Arts. No digital drawings are allowed. 

What type of sheet should I use to draw?

You can draw in good quality A4 paper or charts.

What should be the drawing sheet size?

As mentioned earlier, you can use A4 paper or Charts. 

Should I draw all 5 topics drawings in 1 sheet?

No. You have to use separate sheets for each topic's Art.

Shall I use colors?

Yes, you can. Art without any colours is also accepted.

Can we make some minor changes to the topics listed?

No. Do not make any changes to the topics. Do as instructed in the handbook. 

Can I take ideas from Internet?

Yes, you can take ideas from internet, but you must make the drawings on your own. No pictures taken from internet should be used.

Do we have to do at least 5 topics?

Yes. You must do at least 5 topics to be eligible for e-certificate

Can we club 2 topics and make an Art?

No. Create an Art for each topic separately.

Can I work as a group?

No, this is an individual activity and not a group activity. 

Do we need to take a picture of everything we do as part of activity?

Do as instructed in 'Proof for Report' section in the Reporting page in the handbook.


Will everyone get a certificate?

No. We will send certificates only to those who finish a few arts at least and complete the reporting. If we find any fraud or any duplication in the report, we will not issue you the volunteering e-certificate.

Will the certificate have the number of topics I have done?

Yes, the certificate will mention the number of Social Causes you did the Arts. 

Will the certificate be couriered to me?

No. It is only a e-certificate which we will be emailing you.


What to do if I have any questions about the program?

You can write a mail to volunteer at teameverest dot ngo 
Make sure to read all the FAQs in the handbook before mailing us.

If you have queries related to any specific topic, specify the topic name in the mail.

How soon can I get an answer for the questions?

You can expect a reply from us within 1 to 3 working days.

Can I whatsapp or call for my questions?

No, please email your queries only to volunteer at teameverest dot ngo

Make sure to read all the FAQs and instructions in the handbook before mailing us.

If you have queries related to any specific topic, specify the topic name in the mail.

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