Team Everest

Comic For a Cause


Be part of an epic journey!

Volunteer and help build Team Everest journey as a Comic Book.

Are you a pro (Basic skills not enough!!) in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop? If yes, we are looking for your help!

You need to create comics for at least 1 chapter. It will take you any where between 10 hours to 25 hours based on your design expertise. You have 1 month time to complete it!

Participate in our 'Comic For a Cause' program and join the team of volunteers who are in the process of making the Team Everest comic book.

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Program Details

​Who is Eligible?

Working Professionals, Freelancers, 

College Students who is pro in photoshop and illustrator.

(Basic skills not enough!)

Start Date

Any time

End Date

1 month from start date.

Time Commitment

10 to 25 hours based on your expertise.


One of our team member will call you to discuss about this initiative and onboard you to the program.

How it Works?

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One of our team member will call you to discuss about this initiative and onboard you to the program.

Connect with Comic Team

Post orientation, you will be added to a whatsapp group in which collaboration will happen and tasks will be allocated to you.

Happy Designing

Post getting connected with team, you can start volunteering along with the Comic Team and build the book.

Get Volunteering Certificate

On successful completion of the program, we will give you an e-certificate as a token of appreciation for your volunteering efforts from our end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be part of design crew of Team Everest Comic Book?

College students and work professionals who are a pro in Illustrator and Photoshop can volunteer in the design crew. 

What is expected?

We are expecting professional output from the volunteers. So, only volunteers who are pro in Illustrations and Photoshop skills can be part of this program. 

Why should I submit design samples or portfolio?

It is to help Team Everest understand if you may be a right fit or not for the requirement. 

How many design samples should I submit?

Your portfolio must have minimum of 5 sample illustrations and photoshop designs.  

What expertise I should have to volunteer for this program?

You must be a pro in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Can I volunteer if I know only to draw and not know any digital design tools?

No, you cannot volunteer for this program. 

Will I get any help from Team Everest for this program?

Post your signup, a Team Everest person will call and guide you.

Signup Closed

We have got enough volunteers for this initiative.

Check upcoming volunteering opportunities here.

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