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Creative Thinking


Teach Creativity to the next generation.

'Creative thinking' is a virtual volunteering opportunity for you to teach a student to think creatively.

We don't believe in lectures. So, let's teach students through fun and exciting games.

When you signup for this program, we will do an orientation, tag you with a student, and provide you with a handbook full of games. You need to have 13 phone call sessions with the student and teach them creative thinking. Each session is just 30 minutes and you need to do only 1 session a day.

Signup now to help a student learn and have fun as well!

Who is Eligible?

Tamil/Kannada/Marathi speaking adults and college students who lives in India

Time Commitment

Start Date

End Date

Call Timing


School Students

Who is Eligible?

Tamil/Marathi speaking adults and college students who lives in India

Orientation Date & Time

October 16, 2021, 5.30 pm IST (1 Hour)

Start Date


End Date


Call Timing

7 PM IST (Flexible)


School Students

How it Works?

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Sign Up

Sign up to be part of this by filling up the Signup form.


An Orientation about the activity will be done through an online webinar. It is mandatory to attend the orientation.

Student Tagging

Post the orientation, we will email you the student's contact details and the Volunteer Handbook link that will have list of games.

Session Time

Start your sessions at the scheduled timing. Use the handbook and do the activities as mentioned in it.


Mark your session attendance after every phone call without fail. We will email you the attendance link.

Volunteering Certificate

Complete the program entirely and make yourself eligible for a volunteering certificate. This is a small token of appreciation from our end for your volunteering efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it mandatory to attend the orientation?

The orientation is mandatory because it gives you the big picture about the activity and helps you understand it entirely. This, in turn, will help you conduct the sessions effectively.

What is the structure of a session?

Each session is for 30 mins. Each sessions are broke down in 3 activities which can be done over a normal phone call.

What will happen in the session?

You need to read our handbook and conduct the activities listed in it over the normal phone call. Most of the activities will be a game which you will play with the student and teach a skill through it.

Where can I find the games of the program?

Post the orientation, we will be emailing you a Volunteer Handbook link with a session plan with content for all the days.

Should I conduct the sessions only by following the Volunteer Handbook?

Yes, please stick to the handbook. Because our dedicated curriculum team has carefully thought through and compiled the book that is appropriate for a student and aimed to achieve the program's intended goals.

Should I do the sessions only at 7 pm IST?

We have done our research and finalized 8 pm IST convenient for both the volunteer and the beneficiary. However, you can discuss with your beneficiary in emergency and unavoidable situations and reschedule your calls to a suitable time for both of you in prior.

Should I mark attendance?

Yes, you must mark attendance after every session. You need to mark the attendance as 'Not Completed' even if the session did not happen so that we know about it.

Where can I find the attendance link?

We will email you the link to mark attendance post orientation.

If I have a query, how can I get help?

You can reach us by emailing to volunteer at teameverest dot ngo

Will I get volunteering certificate?

Yes, we will email certificate to volunteers who complete the program entirely.

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