Digital   Art 

Make designs to help us promote our social and children-impacting programs.

We will share with you 10 of our activities. You can choose any 2 out of it and make designs having the activities as themes.

You can use any design software and make your digital arts.

We will give you a detailed orientation and a handbook with tools links and sample arts.

Signup below and enjoy designing!

Program Details

Please go through the eligibly criteria, orientation dates, event dates, and instructions before signing up.



Orientation Date 

November 19, 2021,

7 pm IST

Start Date

November 20, 2021

End Date

December 4, 2021

How it Works?

Sign Up

Sign up to be a part of the program

Attend Orientation

Attend orientation to know how to do the activity

Do the Activity

Do the Activity and upload the activity content/pictures

Make a Difference

Get a certificate of volunteering

Beyond impact we provide a e-certificate  for all volunteers who complete the activity as a token of appreciation

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Why Digital Art?
  1. 1. You can help us create awareness about our activities through your designs.
  2. 2. Your designs can pull in more volunteers who will help more children.
Who can volunteer in Digital Art?

Anyone who loves to design can volunteer in 'Digital Art' activity.

What will I need to volunteer in Digital Art?

You will only need a design software. There are many free design softwares available on the internet. We will share you links in the activity's handbook.

How my designs will be used?

We will use your designs to promote our activities and create awareness in various digital and print platforms to bring in more people and create a positive impact. 

Should I be a Pro designer to volunteer for this activity?

Definitely not. If you are someone who loves to design, you sure can volunteer for this activity.


What is an Orientation?

Orientation is an online webinar that we conduct to explain the activity in detail to the volunteers. We also address the queries of volunteers during it.

Is it mandatory to attend the orientation?

Yes, it is mandatory to attend the orientation to be part of this activity.

How to join the Orientation?

Post your signup, you will get the orientation webinar details in email.


What is a handbook?

A handbook is the activity material to help and guide you. It will have Program Information, Key Dates, What to do, FAQs, Instructions, Samples, and Useful links.

Where can I find the handbook?

Post the orientation, you will get the handbook link in email.


Will I get a certificate?

On successful completion of the activity, you will get a volunteering e-certificate.

Help Desk

What to do if I have any issues or queries regarding the activity?

For any queries or issues, email to volunteer at teameverest dot ngo

What else can you do?

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