Hello India

Team Everest invites NRI teens who are ready to connect with a student from India and have a hearty conversation for 30 minutes every day on whatsapp call on the topics we suggest.

The program happens from 16-June-2020 to 30-June-2020. We have three-time slots for this program, which are,7 AM IST, 7 PM IST, and 8 PM IST.

We invite NRI teens who are in 8th grade and above. NRI College students can also be part of this program. (NRI teens below 8th grade can click here for other programs). 

Does this interest you? Volunteer now and say 'Hello' to India!

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What you will talk about?

The friend you may make out of this program will stay as a sweet surprise. Look at the topics we have for you and your new friend. We bet these topics below can be great conversation starters! 
 Introduce Yourself FoodDaily Routine
 Life in time of CoronaWhat a School Day looks like?Summer Holidays 
 Famous Places in your country Best DaysHobbies and Interest 
 Festivals and Celebrations Let's imagine the world after 10 years3 Memorable Days
 My 5 Favourite friends and a memory with themTop 5 Favourite Place which I visited
 2 Favourite Movies

How it Works?

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Sign Up

Fill in the sign-up form and show us you are interested. 


You will have a webinar to learn about the activity. Webinar timings will be shared in the mail.

Student Tagging

Get ready for your surprise. We will share the details of the Indian Student whom you will be connecting with in email post the webinar. We will also share you the 'Daily Call' topic details. You need to follow these topics and guidelines during your call.

Happy connecting

 Have a hearty conversation with your new Indian friend every day in the time slot you chose.

Mark Attendance

After every call, mark your attendance in our attendance tracker without fail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hello India?

It is a virtual volunteering opportunity for NRI Kids in which they will be talking over the phone for 30 minutes every day with one of our Everest scholars. 

Who is an Everest Scholar?

As part of Team Everest 'I am the Change' Scholarship program, we provide scholarships to Parentless/ Single parented kids to do their college education. They will be in their 1st, 2nd & 3rd year of College doing any course in Arts, Engineering or Medicine. Currently, we have 400 of them. They are our Everest scholars. You can read more about this scholarship here.

What is the purpose of this initiative?

'Hello India' is designed to help NRI & Indian kids to know about the lifestyle of each other. Also, to expand the exposure levels. It's a great way to understand each other's culture.

Will I get a certificate for Volunteering?

Yes, we will send you an e-Certificate once you complete 15 days of Volunteering.

How does this work?
You will first have to sign up here

We will then do a detailed orientation for you through a webinar. You will get the webinar details when you sign up.

We will tag you with one of our Everest scholars who will be on call every day with you between May 16 and 30.

Once all this is over, you are all set to start.

What can I talk over the phone every day?

We understand the difficulty of talking to a stranger daily. So, we have come up with topics for each call. Once you attend the webinar, we will email you the topics for each day's call. You can follow it to have a memorable conversation.

What about the timing of the call?

When you are signing up, you can choose any one preferred time slot from the options we have: 7 AM IST, 7 PM IST, 8 PM IST. 

What is the takeaway for me?

It's a great way to share knowledge and learn from other person too. Remember, there is no better way to feel happy than volunteering & helping others.

Can the parent join the call along with the kid?

Yes, parent can join the kid and help them connect with the student in India.

Where do I mark attendance?

Once you attend our webinar, we will send you an email with student details. The email will also have link to mark your call attendance.

Is it compulsory to mark attendance?

Yes, it is compulsory to mark attendance. Only then we will know who has made the call. Based on the attendance only, we will be issuing you a volunteering e-certificate.

If I have a query, how can I reach you?

You can reach us on 'Live Chat' in this webpage itself or from any page on this website.

What if I miss a day's call or not able to reach the student in India?

No problem. Mark the attendance marking 'Did the call happen?' field as 'No'. If you have any issue, you can mark it as 'I have an Issue' and mention the issue in the 'Your Issue' section.