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Daan Utsav is a festival of giving celebrated across India every year between Oct 2 to 8. In 'Daan Utsav', People give time, materials, or money to any cause.

Team Everest vision is to inspire everyone to volunteer and 'Daan Utsav' is our favourite festival.

This 'Daan Utsav', Team Everest is introducing 'Just Volunteer', a week full of volunteering events.

As part of our 'Just Volunteer' campaign, we will be conducting 1 volunteering activity every day. 7 Days, 7 activities.

All you need to do is, sign up for at least 1 activity, join our orientation program for 1 hour and complete the activity in the next 1 hour.

Just 2 hours of your time will make a difference.

All you need to do is 'Just Volunteer'. Are you ready?

​Program Details

​Who is eligible?


Start Date
Oct 02, 2021

End Date
Oct 08, 2021

Orientation Time

​7 PM - 8 PM IST

Activity Time
8 PM - 9 PM IST

Time Commitment
​2 hours per activity

​Orientation Details

We will be doing a 1-hour Zoom Orientation for all 7 activities. 1 activity per day.

We will email you the orientation details for the activity you signup for.

​How it Works?

Sign up to Volunteer Now

Sign Up

Fill and submit the signup form on this page to volunteer in this campaign. You can choose the activity you want to volunteer for while signing up. You can also do all the 7 acts if you can.

Orientation Invite

Once you signup, you will get orientation invites for the activities you choose while signing up. The orientation invite mail will have Orientation Date, Time and link to join.


Attending orientation for all the activities you signed up for is mandatory. It helps you understand the activity better, and that is crucial for success. We will also be sharing the handbook for the activity during the orientation. The handbook will have instructions, samples, and FAQs, and much more.

Happy Volunteering

You can use the handbook and start the activity as soon as the orientation for an activity gets over. We request you to finish the activity in the following 1-hour post orientation.


Once you complete the activity, you can submit your activity to us. You have to share pictures of your activity explained in the orientation and handbook. Uploading pictures are mandatory and considered as the activity completion.

Volunteering Certificate

You will get a volunteering e-certificate for each activity that you complete successfully.

​                                        Activities Descriptions

Voice Record a Story


You can motivate a school or college student through a story. Voice record a motivational story for them.

Teach English


Help students learn English. You have to prepare a document of 10 words with examples of 5 sentences for each word.

Scholarship Champion


Do simple Do-it-yourself activities and create awareness about our scholarship program. Help a deserving child become a graduate.

Kindness Art 


Make art with kindness as a theme. You have to hand draw the art and not design. Spread Kindness through your art.

Letter to a Student


Think of yourself as an elder brother or sister to a school or a college student. Share life lessons, success tips with the student through a handwritten letter.



Turn your wastes or damaged items into usable and attractive items. Participate in our 'Upcycle' and go Zero waste to help reduce landfills.

Paper Bag Making


Make a paper bag and eliminate the use of plastic bags. Volunteer and be a nature's friend and go eco-friendly.

Submit your Activity

Is your Activity ready? Then, it's time to upload!

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Related Questions

What is Daan Utsav?

Daan Utsav is a festival of giving celebrated across India every year between Oct 2 to 8. In 'Daan Utsav', People give time, materials, or money to any cause. You can learn more about it here.

Why 'Just Volunteer'?

  1. It celebrates Daan Utsav and encourages people to take up volunteering by making it easier for them by having numerous 1-hour volunteering opportunities.
What is the timeline?
Please check here.
How many activities are part of 'Just Volunteer' campaign?

7 volunteering activities are part of the campaign. You can know about them here.

How many activities should I do in 'Just Volunteer'?
You have to do at least 1 volunteering activity. You can also do all 7 acts. 

Activity Related Questions

How can I know an activity's timeline?
We will let you the activities' dates once you signup. One activity per day between Oct 2 to Oct 8, 2021. 
What is the duration of each activity in 'Just Volunteer'?
Each activity is only for an hour. 
Will I get any help from Team Everest for the activities?
Yes, we will do an orientation webinar for each activity to explain it in detail and address all your queries. We will also share a handbook. 

Orientation Webinar

What is an Orientation Webinar?

It is an online webinar that we conduct to explain about the activity to our volunteers. We also address all our volunteer questions during the Orientation session. 

Why it is mandatory to attend the Orientation Webinar?

It is mandatory because we explain the activity in detail during the Orientation Webinar. It will help you understand the activity better which is crucial for the success of the program.

When is the Orientation Webinar?

Please check the details here.

What if I missed Orientation Webinar?

We will email you the activity's orientation webinar recording 


Where can I find the handbook?

We will email you the handbook post the orientation after your confirmation to volunteer for this activity. 

What is an handbook?

A handbook is a material from Team Everest to guide you complete the activity. The handbook will have instructions, activity's information, instructions, FAQs, Samples, and much more.


Will I get a certificate?
Upon your successful completion of an activity, we will email you a volunteering certificate as a token of appreciation.

Help Desk

In case of queries, what to do?

You can reach out to us by emailing to volunteer at team everest dot ngo

Within how many days can I expect a reply from your team?

 You can expect a reply form us in 1 to 3 working days. 

Signup Closed

We have got enough volunteers for this initiative.

Check upcoming volunteering opportunities here.

If you are a working professional, homemaker or retired person, check volunteering opportunities here.

If you are a School or College Student, check volunteering opportunities here.

To get notified about our volunteering opportunities, signup as a volunteer here.