Voice record a story


There is nothing as powerful as a story. You can leave an everlasting impact on the students with an inspiring story. Browse and find a true inspiring story from internet and record it as a short 3 minutes story by narrating it in any language of your choice. 

We will share your audio recording with school and visually challenged students.

Note: No certificate provided for the completion of the activity.

Who is Eligible?


Time Commitment

30 Mins

Start Date

Any Date

End Date

15 days from the date of Signup


School Students

What to Do?

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Choose a motivational story

Search the internet for a short inspiring story and finalize one.

Record the Story

Voice record the story in any language of your choice. Keep it inspiring, noise free. Ensure it is not more than 3 minutes.

Upload your Audio Clip

Come back to the same page and upload the story you voice recorded. 

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