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Story Writing

Help us build storybooks for school children!

You only have to create content for 10 sessions. Each session has 4 story-based activities that we will explain to you in detail in the orientation that we will conduct.

You can write your own fictional stories or take inspiration from Internet.

We will also share instruction sheet, template, and sample document to make your content work easy.

Volunteer for 'Story Writing' and help children learn moral values.

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We have got enough volunteers for this initiative.

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Who is Eligible?

Anyone who can write English (School, College Students, Adult volunteers within or outside India)

Time Commitment

10 - 20 Hours (Flexible Timing)

Start Date

05-June-2021, 7 PM IST

End Date



School Children

What to Do?

How it Works?

​Sign up to Volunteer Now


Please fill and submit the signup form to volunteer for this activity.


We will do an Orientation about the activity through an online webinar. We will email you the webinar timings and link to join after your signup. It is mandatory to attend the orientation.


We will email you the instruction sheet, sample, and template document post the orientation.

Story Writing

You can refer to the handbook shared with you and the instructions given during the orientation and start preparing the content.

Mark Attendance

Ensure to mark attendance without fail only on the days you work on the content of the activity. We will email you the link to mark your attendance post orientation.

Upload Content

Share the completed content using the upload link we will be sharing with you post orientation.

Get Volunteering Certificate

As a token of appreciation for your volunteering efforts, Team Everest will email you an e-certificate.

Submit your content

Is the content ready? Then, it's time to upload!


Is it mandatory to attend the orientation?

Yes, it is mandatory to attend the orientation. It will help you understand the activity better.

How do you use the content I give?

We use the content you share with us in our storybooks for primary and middle school children after careful review.

What age group of children I am preparing the content for?

You will be preparing content for class 3 to 4 children.

Where can I find the stories?

You can write your own fictional stories or take from Internet and rewrite in simple language.

What type of stories I can collect?

You can collect stories with morals related to Honesty, Respect, Helping others, Friendship, Good Manners etc.

What should I keep in mind before choosing a story?

Ensure the following parameters.

  • Story must be simple and in easy words.
  • Story should not involve any elements like Caste, Religion, Violence, Politics, abuse or harassment.
  • Do not choose stories that are not appropriate for children.
How long the story should be?

The story should be a minimum of 500 words to a maximum of 750 words.

What are the sections of a story?

Every story should have a title, story, and a moral. 

Is there any deadline to complete the activity?

Yes. You have to complete the activity and upload your content on or before 20-June-2021, 7 PM IST.

How can I upload the content?

We will email you the upload link post orientation.

Should I mark attendance?

Yes, you must mark attendance only on the days you work on the content.

Where can I find the attendance link?

We will email you the link to mark attendance, you can bookmark it for easy access.

If I have a query, how can I get help?

You can reach us by emailing to volunteer at

Will I get volunteering certificate?

Yes, we will email the certificate to volunteers who complete the activity fully. We will issue the certificate before 28-June-2021.