You don't need to throw away any of your items!

You can give a new look and life to your damaged or old items.

A torn shoe can be converted into a beautiful flower vase. A plastic bottle can be a planter. You can go on and on.

Participate in 'Upcycle' and convert your trash into treasure.

There will be a Zoom Orientation webinar about the activity. You will also get Instructions, Upcycle ideas and Samples as a handbook.

Volunteer to reduce the landfill. Let's Go Zero Waste!

​Program Details

​Who is eligible?


Start Date

End Date

Time Commitment
​5-10 Hours.

​Orientation Details

We will be doing an online orientation for all the volunteers. It is mandatory to attend the orientation to be part of this program.

Orientation Date

Start Time

End Time

​How it Works?

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Please fill and submit the form on this page to be part of this activity.

Orientation Details

Once you signup, we will email you the orientation meeting details of this activity. The email will have the orientation date, time, duration, ID, Passcode, and link to join.


Please attend the orientation without fail on the mentioned date and time. It is mandatory to be part of this activity. We will explain the program in detail and address all your queries during this meeting.


Post orientation, we will email you a handbook link. The handbook will have program information, instructions, FAQs, and much more.

Happy Volunteering

After you get the handbook, you can refer to it and start the activity. Please finish the activity on or before the End Date mentioned .


Once you finish the activity, you can upload your activity's output in the upload section on this page or through the link we will give in the handbook.

Volunteering Certificate

Upon your successful completion of the activity, we will email you a volunteering certificate as a token of appreciation.

Submit your Activity

Have you finished upcycling? Show us your upcycled items here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Activity related Questions

What is Upcycle?

Look around! Do you see any old, damaged, or dying objects that you thought to throw away or not use again?

'Upcycle' can give such products a new life and outlook and help you resue them. There is no magic involved, but just your creativity is required.

In other words, take something that is unwanted and convert it into a wanted item.

What materials will be required for making an upcycled item?
You can find this in the handbook, which you will get in email. 
Can I work as a group?
No, this is an individual DIY activity. 
How many upcycled products should I make?
You have to upcycle any of your 5 old items. 5 is minimum, you can upcycle up to 10 items. 
What is the maximum number of items Can I Upcycle?
You can Upcycle a maximum of only 10 items. 
I am new to Upcycling. What can I do?

There will be an orientation webinar about the activity. You will also get tips, ideas, instructions, and samples as a handbook. 

Where can I find the items to make the upcycled product?

You can find most of the items at your home. For example, you can use a pair of old shoes or a water bottle you don't use now.


Is it mandatory to attend the orientation for this activity?
Yes, it is mandatory to attend the orientation to be part of this activity.
How can I join the orientation?
Post your signup, you will get the orientation webinar details in email. 
When is the Orientation?
Please check the date and time here


What is a handbook?

A handbook is the activity material to help and guide you. It will have Program Information, Key Dates, What to do, FAQs, Instructions and Samples.  

Where can I find the handbook?
Post the orientation, you will get the handbook link in email. 


What should I upload?

You can find answer for this in the handbook, which you will get in email.  

Where can I upload?
You can upload here. 


Will I get a certificate?

On successful completion of the activity, you will get a volunteering e-certificate.   

Help Desk

What to do if I have any issues or queries regarding the activity?

For any queries or issues, email to volunteer at teameverest dot ngo

Within how many days, can I get a reply?
You can expect your query to be resolved within 1 to 3 business days. 

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