UX Challenge


Your UX Design skills can help Team Everest create a 10x impact in society.

All you have to do is do a mockup design for at least 3 of our web pages. We will be sharing 10 webpages with you. You can choose any 3 and share your design ideas!

You can volunteer and give design ideas via your mockup design to help us have a stunning web presence.

We will give you all the perspectives of this activity over a Zoom Orientation Webinar.

Lend your creative mind to help us create a positive change in our world. Signup below to volunteer.

​Program Details

​Who is eligible?

College students and Working Professionals who have UI/UX skills

Start Date

End Date

Time Commitment
​5-10 Hours depending on expertise

​Orientation Details

We will be doing an online orientation for all the volunteers. It is mandatory to attend the orientation to be part of this program.

Orientation Date

Start Time

End Time

​How it Works?

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Please fill and submit the form on this page to be part of this activity.

Orientation Details

Once you signup, we will email you the orientation meeting details of this activity. The email will have the orientation date, time, duration, ID, Passcode, and link to join.


Please attend the orientation without fail on the mentioned date and time. It is mandatory to be part of this activity. We will explain the program in detail and address all your queries during this meeting.


Post orientation, we will email you a handbook link. The handbook will have program information, instructions, FAQs, and much more.

Happy Volunteering

After you get the handbook, you can refer to it and start the activity. Please finish the activity on or before the End Date mentioned .


Once you finish the activity, you can upload your activity's output in the upload section on this page or through the link we will give in the handbook.

Volunteering Certificate

Upon your successful completion of the activity, we will email you a volunteering certificate as a token of appreciation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeline of the program?

 Please check  here.

How will I create impact by volunteering for 'UX Challenge'?

  1. 1. Your design ideas for our webpages can help us create more meaningful and powerful webpages about our social activities.
  2. 2. Hence, we will be able to bring in more volunteers and make positive change in the lives of many people.
What should I have to volunteer for 'UX Challenge'?

You must have UI/UX skills.

Can school students participate in this activity?

 Sorry. School students cannot be part of this activity.

How 'UX Challenge' activity works?

Please check the step by step process here.


What is an Orientation Webinar?

It is an online webinar that we conduct to explain about the activity to our volunteers. We also address all our volunteer questions during the Orientation session. 

Why it is mandatory to attend the Orientation Webinar?

It is mandatory because we explain the activity in detail during the Orientation Webinar. It will help you understand the activity better which is crucial for the success of the program. 

When is the Orientation Webinar?

Please check the details here.


Will I get any materials from Team Everest to do this 'UX Challenge'?

 Yes. We will email you a handbook that will have program information, instructions, FAQs, and much more. 

Where can I find the handbook?

We will email you the handbook post the orientation after your confirmation to volunteer for this activity. 


Will I get a certificate?

Upon your successful completion of the activity, we will email you a volunteering certificate as a token of appreciation.

Help Desk

In case of queries, what to do?

You can reach out to us by emailing to volunteer at team everest dot ngo

Within how many days can I expect a reply from your team?

 You can expect a reply form us in 1 to 3 working days. 

Signup Closed

We have got enough volunteers for this initiative.

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