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Our vision is to give college education to 2025 parentless & single-parented students by the year 2025. In the past 5 years, we have sponsored the college education of 850 students through our scholarship program. Know more about it here.


This year, we are planning to give scholarships to at least 500 to 1000 more students. We are expecting at least 5000+ applications. We need a lot of help to select the most deserving students for our scholarship. That is where we seek you and your precious time for this worthy cause.

How can you Help?

'Need Check' Interview

We have a 8 steps selection process to identify the deserving student for the scholarship. One of the steps is a 'Need Check' interview. This is where we need help from volunteers like you.


We will connect a volunteer with 10 students who applied for this scholarship. You have to interview the student and parent over the phone and collect specific details from them.  Apart from the interview, you will be doing a skill assessment of the student and will be collecting certain documents virtually and will be uploading it in our portal.

We will orient you on what needs to be done. Everything is done virtually.

'Need Check' Interview - Eligibility Criteria

Who is Eligible?

 Anyone who can read & speak Tamil & Have completed graduation & Have work experience

Time Commitment

Minimum 10 Interviews

which requires 10 Hours.

(Split over multiple days at your convenient time)


30-Oct-2021 (Orientation)

Finish interviews within 14 days from the orientation date.

Call Timing

Based on your and student availability.


Should have a computer or laptop and comfortable using it. (Digitally Literate)

Help-2: 'Scholar Fit' Interview

During 'Scholar Fit' Interview, volunteers will be interviewing the student & parent on the questions we share with them and share their opinion, insights about the student. The purpose of this Interview is to see whether the student is personally motivated, right fit for scholarship and interested in training programs or not.

Only volunteers who lives in India and have at least 10 years of work experience can be part of this interview.

You should be ready to do at least 50 interviews in 1 month time if you want to be part of this panel. It requires at least 50 hours of commitment from a volunteer. Timing of the interview is completely flexible.

So, volunteers who are ready to commit this time and wish to have an experience of meeting diverse students can apply to be part of this interview panel.

We will orient all volunteers on what needs to be done.

'Scholar Fit' Interview - Eligibility Criteria

Who is Eligible?

Working Professionals or People with Work Experience of at least 10 years. Should live in India and can speak & read Tamil.

Time Commitment

Minimum 50 Interviews which requires 50 Hours.

(Split over multiple days at your convenient time)


Volunteers will be interviewed and shortlisted by Team Everest. Not everyone is automatically shortlisted for this.


13-Sep-2021 to till


Call Timing

Based on Beneficiary availability


Should have a computer or laptop and comfortable using it. (Digitally Literate)

How it works?

​​​Sign up to Volunteer Now

Sign Up

Fill out the signup form to volunteer.


Once you signup, you will get a welcome mail and a webinar link for the orientation about what you would need to do. Attending orientation is mandatory to be part of this initiative.

Mapping & Materials

We will tag you with students and will give access to our scholarship portal which you can see the contact details of the students. We will also give you all the materials you would need to conduct the interview and assessment for the students.

Start Interview

You can start calling students and complete the process.

Complete Interview & Submit Data

Complete interview, upload required data and submit to push the applicant data to next steps in the Scholarship process.

​​Sign up to Volunteer Now

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is I am the Change scholarship?

A scholarship program to exclusively sponsor the under graduation of parentless and single parented students. Know more about it here.

2. What is the selection process for the scholarship?
The selection process consists of the following steps:
    a. Apply for Scholarship
    b. Eligibility Check (School & Mark Check)
    c. Virtual Interview
    d. Pre final Interview (SEED)
    e. Final Interview

You will be part of 'Virtual Interview' in the above mentioned process.
3. What do the selected students get out of I am the Change scholarship?

The selected students get the following:

1. Financial support:

    Up to 30,000 for each student every year for college fees.


2. Skill development:

    From Aptitude to Attitude, we will train students on every aspect of making them employable.

    Students will also have 40 phone call sessions per semester where our volunteers will train students on English communication.

3. Internship Opportunities:

    Internship opportunities with start ups and corporates.

    In some companies, students may have to clear test to be part of the internship.        

4. Job Opportunities:

We arrange job opportunities for students during their final year there by helping them to get a job easier.

4. What would I be doing when volunteering to do the Virtual Interview for the scholarship program?

      You will conduct telephonic interviews for students and parents.

      You will conduct a skill assessment for students over phone calls.

● You will share with us the data you collected from the students through our Scholarship portal.

We will be guiding you on the complete process and how to do it during the   orientation program.   

5. Where can I signup to volunteer?

You can signup here

6. What are the steps after I signup?

Kindly attend the orientation after signup. The orientation details will be mailed to you once you signup. Details on how exactly to do virtual interview will be covered during the orientation.

7. If I have a query, how can I contact your team?

You can reach us by emailing to volunteer at teameverest dot ngo