Team Everest - I am the Change Scholarship

‘I am the change scholarship' is an initiative of Team Everest NGO through which we provide scholarship for single parented/parentless students who are good at academics, but are financially challenged to pursue graduation.


    This scholarship is only for Parentless & Single Parented students who are from financially challenged families. We provide this scholarship currently in Chennai, Coimbatore & Madurai and have plans to expand to other places in future.

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Who are the beneficiaries of this Scholarship ?

Who are the beneficiaries of this Scholarship ?


Single Parented Students

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What do Students Get ?


Financial assistance up to Rs 30,000 per year.


100 hours of Skill development training every year.


Internship with Corporate and Startups.


Organising Interviews for Final Year students

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​How do we select Students?
Its a 8 step verification process

How do we select Students?
​Its a 8 step verification process

How do we select Students?
Its a 8 step verification process


Academic Scores Verification



Parent/Relative Interview

​Home Visit

Skills ​

Student Commitment

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Support for Education

Many children drop out after school and don't go to college due to financial constraints. Together we  can change it.

We want to sponsor at least 420 Parentless & Single Parented Students from Chennai who are completing Plus-2 in 2020 for their college education.

Check out this 80 Seconds video to hear from Team Everest Founder, Karthee Vidya.

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Training for Scholars

It's not just about Scholarship. It's taking ownership for the overall development of the student.

Through our ‘First Penguin Club’ initiative, we provide classes in spoken English, soft skill training, Problem-solving skills etc to ensure all our students become employable when they finish graduation. Every graduate undergo 100 hours of skill development training every year till they finish graduation.

Watch how we help our scholars to become employable through our 'First Penguin Club' initiative. 

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Meet our Students!

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Scholar Stories

       Karthick Nagarajan

I was selling Samosas in streets in 2008. Today, I'm an automobile engineer working in a big corporate. Without Team Everest Scholarship, I would be selling Samosas in street. I'm happy to sponsor a student for their education now. 

Pavithra  C

My father committed Suicide when I was studying 10th std and my mother is working as a home maid. Thanks to Team Everest 'I am the Change' Scholarship I'm doing my under graduation now. 

    Sivayogam P

My father who is an alcoholic left the family when I was not even a year old. It's my mother who works hard to take care of me. I scored more than 80% and am very happy to get Team Everest’s 'I am the Change' scholarship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 'I am the Change' scholarship?

 A scholarship program to exclusively sponsor the under graduation of parentless and single parented students. Know more about the scholarship here

2. Who are the beneficiaries of the scholarship?

 The parentless and single-parented students who completed plus-2 and waiting to join their UG degree are the beneficiaries of our scholarship.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for the scholarship?

The following are the main eligibility criteria to apply for the scholarship:

  • The student should be parentless or single-parented.

  • The student should have passed 12th std final exam in 2020 with more than 60%.

  • The student should be willing to do UG in Chennai, or Coimbatore, or Madurai.

4. How students apply for the scholarship?

 Students will apply for our scholarship in any of the following ways:

  • School Application Data - Our team has visited schools across Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai and collected students' applications.

  • IVR Campaign - Students dial in '8955333221' to apply for our scholarship.

  • College Application Data - Our team will visit colleges in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai and get applications from the students.

5. What are the benefits of the scholarship?

This scholarship is more than financial assistance. The selected students get the following as part of this Scholarship:

 1. Financial support: Up to 30,000 for each student every year for college fees till they finish college.

 2. Skill development: From Aptitude to Attitude, we will train students on every aspect to make them employable. There will be minimum of 100 hours of training - 60 hours of classroom training & 40 hours of phone training. Now, because of Covid, all the training will happen via Phone until the situation becomes normal.

 3. Internship Opportunities: Internship opportunities with startups and corporates. In some companies, students may have to clear test to be part of the internship.

 4. Job Opportunities: We arrange job opportunities for students during their final year thereby helping them to get a job easier.

6. I need to understand the beneficiaries better. What can I do?

Read our scholar stories or watch them here.

7. Why this scholarship is for only students from Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and why not for students from other places?

This scholarship is not just a financial assistance program. It includes training and internships also. Hence, we take clusters of students from one particular place instead of taking a few students from many places. This way we can offer more benefit to students rather than just giving financial assistance only.

8. Currently, how many students are part of this scholarship?

We are currently sponsoring 400 parentless and single-parented students from Chennai.

9. How do you make the fee payment for students?

We ask the students to pay their fee and produce us the original bills. We then reimburse the amount directly to the student's bank account. Usually, fees are paid to the student in the month of November and March only.

11. What training you provide to scholars?

  We will have a 100-hour training program for students where they will be trained on Aptitude and other career-related skills.

12. In this Corona time, how these training will happen?

All our training programs will happen over regular phone call till the situation becomes normal. Hence, students need not step out of their home till the situation gets back to normal.

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