January 2022 events 

Every month we have new volunteering opportunities for you to participate in and change lives.

Go ahead and check out the events for this month and sign up for the opportunities you find interesting.

Happy Volunteering!

Design a Game

 Timeline: 18-November-2021 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone

 Help us make our children learning programs fun and exciting.

Volunteer in 'Design a Game' and create games that can be played via phone.

You can take help from the Internet and also come up with your own games!

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Digital Art

Can you make a digital art?

You neither need to know painting nor be a pro digital artist.

You can try this volunteering opportunity if you love to design.

You will create designs using any software to depict.

Team Everest's social and children impacting programs.   

 Timeline: 20-November-2021 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone who loves to design.

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Scavenger Hunt

 Timeline: 21-November-2021 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone from age of 3

Are you ready for one of the funniest and exciting volunteering event ever?

We will share you a list of items, you have to search it in your house and donate it.

You can gift them to anyone who is in need of them.

Volunteer to have fun and experience the joy of giving!

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Contest for a Cause

 Timeline: 29-November-2021 onwards

Eligibility: School and College Children

A children's day special contest is on its way!

You can Write. Create a short movie. Make a Drawing.

Participate in any contest of your choice and win a cash prize.

The winner's cash prize will be donated to any social cause in the winner's name!

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Curriculum Writing

 Timeline: 16-December-2021 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone except school students

Do you wish to help a student get better at English? 

This is your chance! Volunteer and write content for simple English exercises. 

You will have 15 days to finish the activity. Signup now to help students!

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Letter to a Student

 Timeline: 21-December-2021 onwards

Eligibility: Everyone

Write a handwritten letter to a student.

Your letter must motivate, inspire, and make the student feel loved and cared for. 

Volunteer and help students with your letter.

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Creative Thinking

 Timeline: 19-January-2022 onwards

Eligibility: Work Professionals and People with work experience.

Help a student learn creative thinking.

No lectures, but let's teach through fun and exciting games. 

Just 13 phone call sessions with 45 mins/session.
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Kitchen Garden

 Timeline: 19-January-2022 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone

Add a green and earthy touch to your home!

Volunteer and learn to set up a small but beautiful kitchen garden in your house. Help your family breathe and eat fresh!
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Tell a Story

Are you a stories lover?

Do you like to talk to children?

If you said yes to both. You must TRY this activity. You will narrate stories to a child via phone calls every day for 13 days!

Volunteer and have fun!

 Timeline: 24-January-2022 onwards

Eligibility:Work Professionals and People with work experience and College Students.

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Feed a Bird

Help birds and save them from hunger!

Volunteer and build a bird feeder and create a food source for birds on your house's terrace, balcony, or anywhere possible. 

 Timeline: 26-January-2022 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone.

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Educate a student​

Around 50% of children in India need help to pursue graduation.

You can donate now and save a child's college dream!

Gift education and change a life forever.

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Any Time Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering - Adults

Check Virtual volunteering opportunities which you can do from the comfort of your home.

Working professionals, Home makers or retired people can be part of these initiatives.

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Virtual Volunteering - School & College Students

Check Virtual volunteering opportunities designed exclusively for school and college students.

All the programs can be done from the comfort of the home.

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Be a Fundraiser

Many children drop out after school and don't go to college due to financial challenges. 

Be a fundraiser and raise funds from your friends, family for educating a child. It’s an online fundraising and our team can guide you on what you need to do. 

Signup as a fundraiser and change the future of a kid!

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Give Hope

Every year, many parentless & single parented students request help from Team Everest to continue their education. You can change their future now.

A little love every month will make their dreams come true.

Help a student become a graduate. Be a monthly donor now.

Give Love Monthly

Meet the Founder

Would you like to set up a meeting and interact with our founder, first volunteer & CEO of Team Everest - Mr Karthee Vidya?

Our volunteer Karthee Vidya spends 2 hours every day interacting with various volunteers.

You can block his calendar and virtually meet him to speak about things which is not covered in this website :)

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