April 2023 events 

Every month we have new volunteering opportunities for you to participate in and change lives.

Go ahead and check out the events for this month and sign up for the opportunities you find interesting.

Happy Volunteering!

Virtual Events

She for She

Empower the future you!

Teach a school or college girl child over the phone. You will teach topics like 'How to overcome Challenges.' Topics will be around personality and career development. We will provide teaching curriculum.

Your experience and knowledge can make a real difference. 

Sign up now to help a girl child this women's day!

Timeline: 8-Mar-2023 to 15-Mar-2023

Eligibility: Tamil Speaking Female Graduates who are working or have work experience.

1 Hour Mentoring

Do you love teaching students?

Well, you can do it over the phone for just 1 hour. Help a college student learn beyond their academics. We will give you a teaching curriculum.

Ready to teach? Learn more and signup below.

Timeline: 11-Mar-2023 to 15-Mar-2023

Eligibility:  Working Professionals & People with work experience

Gift a Girl

Women's day is around the corner. Let's make it memorable for financially poor college girls.

Make a gift pack with a handwritten letter and any gift. You can courier the gift pack. We will distribute it to a deserving girl student.

Learn more and signup below. 

Timeline: 6-Mar-2023 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone

Letter to a Student

This women's day, make a girl student feel loved and cared for.

Write a letter. You can include stories, tips to motivate her to win in life. 


Timeline: 11-Mar-2023 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone

Basic Project Management for Students

Teach Basic project Management via fun games & activities.

This will help a student to be more efficient in planning their tasks.

We will give you the teaching curriculum. Signup below if you want to help a student. 

Timeline: 24-Feb-2023 onwards

Eligibility:  Working Professionals & People with work experience

Kitchen Garden

Add a green and earthy touch to your home!

Volunteer and learn to set up a small but beautiful kitchen garden in your house. Help your family breathe and eat fresh!

Timeline: 9-Apr-2023 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone

Feed a Bird

Save birds from hunger!

Volunteer and build a bird feeder and create a food source for birds on your house's terrace, balcony, or anywhere possible. 


Timeline: 10-Apr-2023 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone

Good Deeds Day: Holiday Puzzle Making

Be part of a global movement of doing good this Good Deeds Day. 

Join Team Everest in making fun Holiday Puzzle for rural and financially poor children. 

The event is happening in Chennai and Bangalore only. Please signup below if interested.

Timeline: 16-Apr-2023 onwards

Eligibility: Anyone who is a graduate

In Person Events

 Student Home Visit

Do you want to meet the students we give scholarships?

You can visit a student's home. You can interview the students & parents. We will share you questions as a handbook.  

Learn more and signup below. 

Timeline:  9-Mar-2023 to 14-Mar-2023

Eligibility: Volunteers in Chennai and Bangalore.

Meet & Greet

Meet our team in person. Learn how individuals like you are changing children's life through volunteering.

You just have to spend 3 hours in the event. The 'Meet & Greet' events are happening only in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai.

Timeline: Please Check the Program Details in Signup Page

Eligibility: Anyone who is a graduate

Kids for Birds

Help your child save birds. If you are a parent, relation, or guardian to a child make them a volunteer.

All they have to do is just make bird feeders. We will teach how to do the bird feeder and provide materials. 

Signup below and save birds from hunger.

Timeline: 22-Apr-2023 

Eligibility: Anyone

Tree plantation

We cannot exist without trees. If you wish to give a beautiful and liveable world to your children, start planting today. 

Participate in our 'Tree Plantation' event for just 1 hour 30 mins and plant 2 saplings. Only volunteers in Chennai and Bangalore can join the event.


Signup and enjoy the joy of planting a life.

Timeline: 22-Apr-2023 

Eligibility: Anyone

Beach Cleanup

Ready to save marine life?

Do you know microplastics end up in our food because of beach pollution?

Take a small step and help in reducing the beach pollution. Volunteer now to clean a beach. 

It is just an 1 hour 30 mins activity on this Earth's day. Learn more and Signup below. 

Timeline: 22-Apr-2023 

Eligibility: Anyone

Hybrid Volunteering Events

Good Deeds Day: Holiday Puzzle Making

Be part of a global movement of doing good this Good Deeds Day. 

Join Team Everest in making fun Holiday Puzzle for rural and financially poor children. 

You can volunteer from home or in person in Chennai or Bangalore. You can choose your volunteering mode while signing up.

Please signup below if interested.

Timeline: 16-Apr-2023

Eligibility: Anyone who is a graduate

Educate a Student

Around 50% of children in India need help to pursue graduation.

You can donate now and save a child's college dream!

Gift education and change a life forever.

Know More

Any Time Volunteering

Virtual Volunteering - Adults

Check Virtual volunteering opportunities which you can do from the comfort of your home.

Working professionals, Home makers or retired people can be part of these initiatives.

Virtual Volunteering - School & College Students

Check Virtual volunteering opportunities designed exclusively for school and college students.

All the programs can be done from the comfort of the home.

Be a Fundraiser

Many children drop out after school and don't go to college due to financial challenges. 

Be a fundraiser and raise funds from your friends, family for educating a child. It’s an online fundraising and our team can guide you on what you need to do. 

Signup as a fundraiser and change the future of a kid!

Give Hope

Every year, many parentless & single parented students request help from Team Everest to continue their education. You can change their future now.

A little love every month will make their dreams come true.

Help a student become a graduate. Be a monthly donor now.

Meet the Founder

Would you like to set up a meeting and interact with our founder, first volunteer & CEO of Team Everest - Mr Karthee Vidya?

Our volunteer Karthee Vidya spends 2 hours every day interacting with various volunteers.

You can block his calendar and virtually meet him to speak about things which is not covered in this website :)

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