June 2021 Events

Story Writing
​05-June-2021 onwards

Eligibility: All (School Students, College Students, Adults, No location constraints)

Help us build storybooks for school children! You only have to create content for 10 sessions. 

Each session has 4 story-based activities that we will explain to you in detail in the orientation that we will conduct.

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Feed a Bird

12-June-2021 onwards

Eligibility: All (School Students, College Students, Adults, No location constraints)

'Feed a Bird' is a 1-hour activity that can make you save many birds from hunger.

You can participate and build a bird feeder on your balcony or terrace or anywhere in your house.

Let's help our little winged friends together.

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Creative Thinking
23-June-2021 onwards
​​Eligibility: Marathi & Tamil Speaking Volunteers who live in India. School students are not eligible.

Teach Creativity to the next generation. It is a virtual volunteering opportunity for you to teach a child to think creatively.

You need to have 13 phone call sessions with the child to teach them creative thinking. Each session is just 30 minutes.

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Virtual Volunteering - Adults

Check Virtual volunteering opportunities which you can do from the comfort of your home.

Working professionals, Home makers or retired people can be part of these initiatives.

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Virtual Volunteering - School & College Students

Check Virtual volunteering opportunities designed exclusively for school and college students.

All the programs can be done from the comfort of the home.

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July 2021 Events

Hello India (NRI Volunteering)

07-July-2021 Onwards

Eligibility: Only NRI Students from 8th grade & above.

NRI teens who are 8th grade and above can participate in 'Hello India,' a 15-day virtual volunteering program.

We connect an NRI teen with a college student in India and they discuss over the phone on topics we suggest. 

The goal is to know each other's culture and lifestyle.

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Kitchen Garden

Eligibility: Anyone

Starts July 10, 2021

Volunteer for 'Kitchen Garden' and make the world a little greener.

We invite all nature lovers to experience the joy of planting!

All you need to do is grow your favourite vegetable or fruit by yourself. 

Any little space in your house where there is sunlight is sufficient for this initiative.

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Tell a Story

21-July-2021 Onwards

Eligibility: Tamil or Marathi Speaking volunteers in India

In a Pandemic situation like that we are in now. Programs like 'Tell a Story' are only learning opportunity for children.

You can volunteer and narrate stories to teach moral values to a child over the phone for 13 days with 30 mins phone call every day.

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Speak Out
05-August-2021 Onwards

'Speak Out' is a virtual volunteering opportunity for you to teach spoken English to a college student over a 30 mins phone call. You need to complete 30 sessions within 45 days.

Only Adults are eligible for this program. Volunteers outside India can also participate. School & College students are not eligible.

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 Educate a low-income family student​

Around 50% of children in India need help to pursue graduation.

You can donate now and save a child's college dream!

Gift education and change a life forever.

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Help Covid affected families

The virus is back. Not as a second wave, but almost like a Tsunami. Many families lost their loved ones who are the sole breadwinner of the family.

You can help them survive these challenging times. Your little donation can change their lives forever now.

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Be a Fundraiser

Many children drop out after school and don't go to college due to financial challenges. 

Be a fundraiser and raise funds from your friends, family for educating a child. It’s an online fundraising and our team can guide you on what you need to do. 

Signup as a fundraiser and change the future of a kid!

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Give Hope

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